10 Ways To Get More Reviews For Your Business

Get More Reviews For Your Business

The internet has transformed the way people look for products, services and businesses. Consumers no longer check their phone books to find a restaurant, store or service; instead they turn to search engines like Google to learn more about what’s on offer and make a decision. Research shows that consumers trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations from friends and family, so getting more reviews should be a high priority for your business.

With a little bit of effort, you can increase your review count and leverage customer feedback to drive conversion. Here are 10 ways to Get more reviews for your business: Ask every customer. Whether in person or over the phone, don’t be afraid to let customers know you’re counting on them to provide reviews that can help other prospective customers make decisions about your products and services. This can be as simple as a quick verbal question at the end of your interactions or a brief form you ask them to fill out when they’re ready to purchase.

Personalize your request. The more personalized the request, the more likely you are to get a response. When a customer receives a message that’s specific to their experience, it makes them feel like you care and that you’re not just asking for a generic review. For example, if you know they love your restaurant’s old menu item but it was recently discontinued, you could ask them to vote for bringing it back on a rating site.

10 Ways To Get More Reviews For Your Business

Follow up promptly. Prompting a customer to leave a review right after they buy something is an effective way to encourage them to do so. By doing so, you can ensure that the experience is still fresh in their mind and that they don’t forget to write a review. This can be done through text, email or even via a dedicated software tool that provides a review link to your customers in the moment of their experience.

Add a review link to your email signature. This is a simple, low-cost way to increase the visibility of your review collection process and make it easy for your customers to share their feedback with you. Simply update your email signature with a link to your review page or use a tool like Widewail Invite that can automatically send out a request for a review after a customer’s purchase.

Make it clear how to leave a review. Many consumers avoid leaving a review because they don’t know how or assume it will be too difficult or time-consuming. Make it as simple as possible by including a call-to-action button or pop-up (not in a obnoxious or distracting way) on your website and in your emails that directs customers to your Yelp or Google Business Profile review page.

It may seem obvious, but don’t forget to thank your customers for their reviews! A simple, timely “thank you” can go a long way toward making them feel valued and creating a positive brand image. So, how can you effectively encourage customers to leave reviews? One approach is to make the process as seamless and convenient as possible. Incorporate review prompts into your website, email newsletters, and social media channels, inviting customers to share their feedback with just a few clicks. Offering incentives, such as discounts or entry into a giveaway, can also motivate customers to leave reviews.

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