3 Situations You May Encounter and Need to Recover Lost Files from Pen Drive

A pen drive brings us unpredictable risk as well as great convenience. We are always used to saving our useful files on a flash drive instead of a computer. Particularly for businessmen who travel a lot and have big meetings, a pen drive becomes your best friend as this little piece carries your important files for any formal or informal occasion. But have you ever suffered from the following situations and need to recover lost files from your pen drive?

Situation 1: Accidentally deleted files are lost forever

I thought that some of the files on the flash drive will not be used and I decided to delete them. So I selected a few and ran the delete command. I never realized that until one day I realized that I had deleted some of my really important files that weren’t meant to be done. I checked the recycle bin and found nothing. They are lost forever. Is there a way to recover my deleted files?

Situation 2: The drive shows that the disk in the drive is not formatted

When I inserted my drive into my computer, it detects but shows that the disk in the drive is not formatted with a popup message like “pen drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now?” I don’t want to do it because I have so many files. But I know that if I don’t format it, my pen drive will no longer be useful. So I formatted it according to the prompt. Therefore, all my files are lost. Is it possible to recover formatted files?

Situation 3: Pen drive got virus attack and all files are lost

I was doing an article in a net cafe bar using a public computer. I knew exactly that I had saved the documents on my drive. But when I came home and opened it on my laptop. There is nothing on it and all my paper files are gone! Around the same time, my laptop hinted to me that there were some vulnerabilities. That is extremely strange and I felt so frustrated. I guess my hard drive was probably attacked by a virus or trojan on the computer in the cafeteria. How should I do if I want to recover my lost files?

If you have lost files from your drive due to any of the above situations, don’t panic! It is easy to recover lost files from your pen drive as long as you act as soon as possible. However, before you recover them, you should keep one thing in mind: do not save any new files to the flash drive! Here is the explicit solution to recover lost files for each situation.

Solution to recover lost files for situation 1– Deleted files on pen drive will not be found in Recycle Bin because the file data was stored on your drive disk other than computer. But they are not actually removed. They are simply removed from the directory and you can no longer see them. But the content of the files still exists intact. So at this point, a data recovery tool can recover your deleted lost files.

Solution to recover lost files for situation 2: in this case you can insert your drive into another computer to see if it still works normally, no luck? So it seems that your flash drive got corrupted or crashed. You’d better follow the message and format your pen drive. But that does not necessarily mean that you will lose all your internal files, as formatting will not make any data on the files permanently lost either. You can often rely on a data recovery program to recover formatted files.

Solution to recover lost files for situation 3– Your lost files are probably hidden or deleted by virus or trojan. They become invisible. If they are hidden, you can use antivirus programs to remove the virus or Trojan and your lost files will be visible. If they are deleted, you can try a data recovery tool to easily recover the lost files. However, the most effective precaution against such a virus attack is to use USB Drive Encryption, which will protect all the files on your flash drive permanently.

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