A review of the Fujikura 1000 massage chair

Of the three Fujikura massage chair models on offer, the 900, 1000 and 2000, the 1000 chair is the mid-priced model. It is very competitively priced and you get a lot for your money. Here’s a review of the Fujikura 1000 chair and what you get and what you don’t get.

First of all, the 1000 Fujikura massage chair has a stylish and contemporary look. It is upholstered in synthetic leather and is available in black, brown or ivory. Don’t think that synthetic leather means cheap. The fact is, real leather is not the best material for a robotic massage chair; it just isn’t strong enough to handle moving rollers and air bags. Probably the best massage chairs in the world are made by Inada and they are all upholstered in synthetic leather.

We will compare the features of the 1000 with the Human Touch HT 100 massage chair. The HT100 chair is a very popular model and is only slightly more expensive so it is a very good yardstick. We’ll also compare it to the iJoy 300 robotic massage chair, again another very popular model that sells for slightly less than the Fujikura 1000.

The vertical rocking bump of a chair is something to seriously consider. The higher the longer vertical stroke, the better. At this point, the 1000 wins hands down against its competition. The 1000 comes with a 29 “vertical roll travel while the HT 100 comes with a measly 20”. The cheapest of the three, the iJoy 300 chair works best at 25 “.

All three chairs have power recline, but not all offer the same recline angle; The more degrees the chair reclines, the better, both in build quality and benefit to the user. The iJoy chair offers the least recline, between 115 and 155 degrees; the HT massage chair works best, offering between 120 and 170 degrees, but again the 1000 is the best with a range between 110 and 170 degrees.

Foot massage is now incorporated with better quality chairs. Unfortunately, the iJoy does not have a footrest (although you can buy an ottoman without a massage function). The Human Touch 100 massage chair comes with a foot massage, but you have to move it manually to massage the calves or feet. It is only the 1000 that offers a complete footrest with a calf and foot massager. The legrest is equipped with 14 airbags that provide four air massage combinations, with 2 levels of intensity. The footrest is equipped with 12 airbags and provides 4 massage modes.

All 3 models offer various massage functions. The Fujikura 1000 comes with 6 functions: roll (stretch the back), knead, flap, knead and flap, shiatsu, bang, and vibrate. You have the option of automatic or manual massage operations and they can target certain areas of the body. There are 3 speed settings. The HT100 comes with rocking, kneading, compression, and percussion (with a single speed setting). The best thing about the HT100 over the 1000 is the range control option. It can be spot or partial. The spot option allows you to massage more specific areas of the body and the partial massage makes 3 “up and down movements to knead or compress. The iJoy offers the same functions as the HT except there is no spot option.

Which one offers the best massage is a subjective matter. The 1000 chair offers perhaps a firmer massage, but the HT100 seems to offer a slightly more varied massage routine.

Overall, the Fujikura 1000 massage chair really offers the best in terms or function in this price range. I find it difficult to find fault with it, you may want more features, but then you would have to pay a lot more. However, I have a complaint that has to do with the electric recline. It is not a one-push system; you have to continuously press the button while the chair reclines. This means that those with a short reach will have a hard time holding it down until the maximum recline position is reached. I think some will have to remain seated and wait for the seat to fully recline before leaning back in the chair.

In conclusion, if you are looking for one of the best robotic massage chairs in this price category, the Fujikura massage chair is definitely worth a look.

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