Advantages and disadvantages of the Australian Shepherd of having this fascinating pet

Reasons for and against having an Australian Shepherd as a pet

The Australian Shepherd is the quintessential sheepdog. He rose to fame as a sheep herder and although it probably originated in the Pyrenees mountains, it was exported to Australia and other sheep farming areas. It is known by a few other names, but most know it as the Australian Shepherd or Aussie.

He is a very recognizable dog due to his unique eye color along with his beautiful merle coat color. It is normally born with a short tail and if it is longer than 4 inches it is usually docked. He is stocky with a muscular build and has extraordinary poise which partly explains how he is so good at herding along with his intelligence. If you have a very active lifestyle and want an easily trainable companion, you may want to consider an Australian for your next pet.


An Australian Shepherd is a loving breed of dog that loves to play and never seems to lose its puppy qualities. For this reason, it is a great dog if you have children at home. He gets along very well with other dogs and pets, as well as all humans.

Although he likes to play, he is easy to train and seems to know what you want him to do. Like most dogs, you must establish that you are the leader of the pack. Once you do this, it is easy to get along with the Australian and you will be very happy to accept his leadership.

The Australian Shepherd loves to please everyone and is very protective of his family. Given the opportunity, your pet will do well when trained to be used as a guard dog. They have great insight as well as being intuitive. Your pet will know what is expected of him and, therefore, it is easier to train.

An Australian pet is not aggressive, unless it is herding animals. He is protective and a loyal friend, which makes him a good family dog. This dog likes nothing more than herding cattle, so if you have animals that need to be herded, this is the dog for you. Herding appears to be instinctive, as they have been known to try to herd chickens, geese, and even children.


You should keep your Australian Shepherd pet properly trained and get regular exercise to keep him happy and content. Before you can start training them, make sure they know that you are the leader of the pack. You can get nervous and bored easily when you are not recognized. It requires human interaction on a daily basis to avoid getting bored and possibly becoming destructive.

The Australian is a great dog, but he has too much energy to be a domestic dog. You must be very active every day. If you don’t have a large backyard or can take your pet out for a large amount of exercise every day, you should consider a different breed of dog.

Although Australian Shepherds are a hardy dog, there is a problem that can appear in them. The gene that produces its beautiful merle coloration is also a factor that can cause blindness and deafness. Puppies should be screened for deafness and cataracts. Australians with bobtails can sometimes develop severe spinal defects. Hip dysplasia is another possible problem in some of these dogs. These conditions are not found in all of them and should not be considered serious enough to discourage you from considering one as a pet or helper.

Like most dogs, Australians need proper training to be the best pet. Fortunately, this pet has above-average intelligence, as well as the loyalty and loyalty found in few other pets. If you need a good friend to help you out on the farm or ranch too, do yourself a favor and check out the Australian Shepherd. You’ll be happy you did.

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