AEG D41116M Built-In Oven Review

The new D4111-6-M multi-function built-in double electric stainless steel oven eliminates the pain of cooking and brings the fun back! Soon you’ll be making great new meals in no time with this fun, feature-packed oven. The feature-packed oven gives you such extensive features as anti-fingerprint stainless steel and the benefit of ventitherm fan cooking. Playing with timers is a thing of the past. The AEG Multifunction Electric Oven can be easily programmed to turn on and off at a programmed time and will emit an audible signal to let you know that dinner is ready.

With the AEG D4116-M, you’ll have fan-controlled defrosting, base heat finishing, and top heat gold at your fingertips with the AEG D4116-M. You do not need to monitor your food as the oven will count how long it has been in it and tell you when it is ready to eat. Why not have dinner ready for when you get home from work? The scheduling function allows you to set the oven to cook your dinner at a specified time. Cleaning this oven couldn’t be easier, as the door and glass are fully removable, making your life easier. Tired of cleaning sticky fingerprints from your oven? The anti-fingerprint stainless steel ensures that this is a thing of the past. The fan-controlled defrost option allows you to effectively defrost your food before cooking. The Kitchen Appliance Store is an established market leader in the kitchen appliance industry. With over twenty years of kitchen design and installation experience, The Kitchen Appliance Store is well positioned to recommend only the best appliances and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the kitchen appliance industry.

Visit the company’s website for more information on the AEG Double Oven and online purchasing options. There are always plenty of special offers available through The Kitchen Appliance Store website, so be sure to check back regularly to save even more money. If you have a Kitchen Store coupon code, simply enter it at checkout to save even more money. Ordering at The Kitchen Store is easy and with free delivery on all orders over 300, you can save even more money! You are sure to be delighted with the D41116M Stainless Steel Multi-Function Built-In Double Electric Oven from The Kitchen Appliance Store. Packed with features, it’s the true home cooking solution.

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