After tests, AstraZeneca says its vaccine is 80% effective in seniors and without risk of clots

According to the results, the AstraZeneca vaccine protects 100% against severe forms of the disease, hospitalizations and death. The study did not report any health risks.

These results follow the vaccination of some 30,000 volunteers, a quarter of whom are elderly. In a previous study, carried out by the company, the number of vaccinated people over 65 years old was too low to conclude with convincing results for this age group.

In the meantime, several countries have suspended the use of this vaccine after the occurrence of cases of thrombosis in vaccinated people. The European Medicines Agency EMA, however, said last week that there was no proven link between the occurrence of blood clots and the AstraZeneca vaccine. For the agency, the benefits of the vaccine always outweigh the risks caused by the virus.

The vaccine is 80% effective in seniors and without risk of clots

The AstraZeneca vaccine is 80% effective against Covid-19 in the elderly and does not increase the risk of blood clots, the laboratory said Monday after phase III clinical trials conducted in the United States.

The phase III clinical trials implemented by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford were carried out on 32,449 participants, and two thirds received an injection of the vaccine. 20% of them were over 65 and 60% had health problems associated with higher risks of developing a severe form of Covid, such as diabetes, obesity or heart problems.

The trials did not find an increased risk of thrombosis among participants who received at least one dose, according to the release.

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