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Hello friends, today we are going to talk about your beloved Instagram. Popularly known as Insta, this website uploads, saves and shares the photos and information of your loved ones. As beautiful as it may sound, Instagram has several preset efforts behind its marketing strategy. It is actually a home for businesses.

We all understand that a fluid social network needs value-added services and just as Rome was not built in a day; Instagram also improvised and made major new changes in a specific period. It made the network so famous that 2017 saw a whopping 600 million users (monthly) and daily users surpassing 400 million. In the last few months, another 2 million insta lovers have been added making remarkable progress in their advertising.

He succeeded in dethroning the ever-popular book of faces that ruled search engines since 2004. His engagement rate is 52 times higher than FB and 127 times higher than Twitter. Instagram made amazing changes last year and attracted great attention from the aspiring and ruling business population who made millions by advertising their products on this website.

I decided to find its intellectual side along with entertainment, so four months ago, I dived into its depth and discovered a method to break Insta’s algorithm and spread virally to have potential followers. I went through the process and found that I had gained 5000 followers in about 6 days. It was very convincing.

Okay, now we are in business.

Instagram is a great step to advertise and explode your business in the millions. There are carousel ads, photo ads, and video ads that can open up your business areas and capture a precise audience to promote the product.

CAROUSEL ADS – Like photo ads, the carousel feature displays multiple images that a user can browse.

VIDEO ADS: – With a sponsored tag at the top, this feature looks like a beautiful video post that can instantly grab users’ attention.

PHOTO POSTS: – With the learn more tip button at the top of the post, this feature is a regular photo post that can visually engage the audience and make them see your product in detail.


Through hashtags, promoting your business or brand would create miracles for your profit margin. Impressive and relevant hashtags will not only popularize your profile, but also expand promotions across virtual geographic boundaries. Take for example this logo from your #FitnessAndTraining services, this works like a hashtag, but # Fitness & Training doesn’t. Users can search for hashtags and if they find it relevant, click on it and browse for a few moments. Therefore, it is mandatory that you use effective hashtags to be a visual appeal for users.

Real, unfiltered photos and selfies grab the most attention from the virtual crowd. If you are a newbie or an aspiring entrepreneur, look at the well-established products and famous personal bloggers in your industry and develop the idea for your brand. It would give you a clear idea of ​​how to use a solid method for the hashtag.

Remember, using 30+ hashtags for your brand can create confusion for customers. They must be unique, artistic creative and less numerous. It will help you attract genuine people who will not only interact, but buy or promote your product.


A selfie video about your product would turn heads. It’s a behind-the-scenes process, where you ask your audience about your services, your food, or the photos of your most popular product. Create a demonstration video of the machinery, whether it is connected with the automobile field or show the exquisite restaurant, kitchen or hall of whatever you are running. Create a thank you video, post it, and see how amazing your feedback is.

Employees: the spine

Customize your brand with your people. Knowing the most personal values ​​and secrets would create an aura of trust in their minds. Include a video or collage of your employees working hard to make it shine on the platform. Let them know that your organization is not just a place to work, but also a fun-filled place to discover your hidden skills.

Reflect your brand through the handles.

Putting an instant identifier and custom hashtags on your services and products would urge your customers to tag you every time they share something about your business. It can be a product, a service or a tourist place where it takes people to their destinations. It is beneficial for you and other users who want to know it and can find it easily.

Being a leader of your brand, you should also be responsible for commenting on likes and mentioning customer names that reflect your brand when providing positive feedback.

Exclusive offers and coupons

Excite your customers by posting exclusive discount offers and coupon codes as an incentive to follow you. You can share an image or create a coupon code below the item they are going to buy. Another way is to generate an alternative of asking them to follow you if they want to buy. It would make them feel ornate and important. Next time you will see your friends of friends and relatives buying the same and making positive marks on your business.

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