Ant Control Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

When your house is full of ants, it can make your everyday life look like a terrible horror movie. Every time you open a cabinet, there they are again! The first thing most of us do is grab the yellow pages and seek out ant control specialists who can skillfully destroy ants for us. But before you do, here are some tips to help you get rid of them.

Prevention is the best solution: keep it clean

Ants come into your home looking for food, so a great and easy way to do your own ant control is to always put your food away. Don’t leave food anywhere they can get to it. Ants find food using their sense of smell, so keep this in mind. Keep your floors and countertops as clean as possible, and watch out for things like breadcrumbs. Do a regular sweep to make sure you pick up everything. Keep all foods sealed in containers that do not allow odors to escape. Keeping things in cabinets is not enough for these tiny creatures; they can find their way into every nook and cranny. Remember that if they can smell it, they can find it.

The Chili Powder Solution: A Strategy That Works

One way to keep your home free of ants is to prevent them from coming indoors. Put something along your doorways and windows, or anywhere else they enter the house. Old home remedies recommend sticky things like Vaseline or nasty stuff like boric acid. But one of the most tried and true ant control remedies that really works is to sprinkle chili powder on all the points where they enter. The pungent taste of this powder is guaranteed to send them looking for food sources elsewhere.

Kill them all with insecticide bait

Many people prefer a natural solution to ant control, but here is a great method using insecticide that works quite well to destroy entire colonies. They make insecticides that are meant to be “bait” for ants, and many of these are non-toxic. You spread it near their nests and also in the areas where they go to look for food. They find it and, thinking it is food, they take it back to the nests. All the ants eat it and die, and eventually the queen also eats it and becomes infertile or dies. It’s a nasty way to get rid of them, but it works great against ferocious colonies that nothing else can get rid of.

Call the Ant Control Experts

When you’re finally desperate and nothing seems to destroy the colonies, you can always call in ant control specialists. They have the tools and experience to get rid of the little critters once and for all. You can also pick their brains to ensure your home stays free of ants and their colonies. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing them disappear once and for all.

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