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Why would you want to jump higher? Well, if you play a sport like basketball or volleyball, it can turn you from an average player into the best player on the team. Basketball players tend to only look at the surface of this, and that’s diving in. What you need to understand is that there is much more that comes with this ability. Yes, you get the dunk, but it also gives you an incredible amount of confidence on the court. Even if you don’t get the dunk, you can still beat the competition to score! Maybe if you are more of a shooter, you will be able to shoot without being blocked. If you’re not too tall like most basketball players, you can still do the things they can by jumping higher.

The common question is “how can I increase my vertical jump?” and the expected response is “Oh easy, just do ____”

Unfortunately, it is not that easy. It’s still simple, but there is no quick fix. With proper exercise and nutrition, anyone can jump higher. But what exercises do you do, how often do you do them, and what do you eat? Here’s a plan for beginners

First day

(sets for repetitions)

Pistol Squats (3 x 10)

Depth jumps (3 x 15)

Tire jumps (4 x 10)

Second day

Bulgarian Split Squats (3 x 10)

Chair rockets (4 x 15)

Lunge Jumps (3 x 15)

(You should alternate day 1 and day 2 every two to three days, depending on what your body is telling you, that is, pain)

This would be a good place to start. Just make sure you eat the right diet afterwards! If you don’t know what to eat you should consider muscle building nutrition, it’s a very basic thing to do, but I’ll explain the surface.

Building muscle involves breaking down the micro fibers to rebuild them stronger than before. So to rebuild them, you need protein. Not only that, there are many other foods that you should eat to speed up the process, and many other foods that you should avoid that could hinder your success. Some of these foods are sugar, saturated fat, and according to some people, gluten. Stay away from these and eat foods like salmon, broccoli, and bananas and you should be good to go. Other than that, stay away from fizzy drinks and replenish your body with water before and after your workouts.

If you do these exercises and eat the right things, you should start to see results and start jumping higher than you expected soon.

You are now a teacher! Well almost. This will help you gain inches in your vertical jump, but you can visit: How To Jump Higher In More And Really Reach Your Potential.

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