Best Getaways in South Africa: Surfing at Jeffrey’s Bay

Jeffrey’s Bay is a series of breakers and waves in the Eastern Cape of South Africa divided into Kitchen Windows, Magna tubes, Boneyards, Supertubes, Impossibles, Tubes, The Point and Albatross.

Jeffrey’s Bay was initially established in the mid 1800’s by the senior partners of Jeffrey & Glendinnings, who opened a small shop in the sheltered bay of the Eastern Cape. The store attracted more people who also settled in the area, and “Jeffrey’s” Bay grew from a pristine shoreline to a small fishing village with a rural population.

kitchen windows

At the entrance to Jeffrey’s Bay is the Kitchen Windows. The “Windows” are consistent and good for surfers of all levels, unlike the Supertubes and Boneyards further down the coast where the situations are crowded and the breaks are extremely challenging.

the cemeteries

The Boneyards are a break located between the Supertubes and the Magna Tubes in Jeffrey’s Bay. Fast, hard right-handers and big waves make Boneyards one of the best spots on the J-Bay shoreline, if you can squeeze in among the locals.


Albatross is another fast right break located on the sheltered shoreline of Jeffrey’s Bay. Less crowded than other places, Albatross offers some of the best surf in the world, though not as well known as the nearby Supertubes.

magna tubes

When the surf scene first hit Jeffrey’s Bay, surfers flocked to the supertubes. As this place became more crowded, other breaks were discovered in the area, including the Magna Tubes. The wave is rumored to be named after some Australian pilgrims who rode the wave. When asked what it was like, they replied, “Ahh, there are magnificent tubes out there mate”, thus the Magnatubes were born.

The Magna Tubes are located just down the bay from the Supertubes and Boneyard breaks. Challenging rapids are seconds from the town of Jeffrey’s Bay, one of the fastest growing urban areas in all of South Africa and one of the best surfing destinations in the world.

the supertubes

The Supertubes are a section of the wave at Jeffrey’s Bay ranked among the best surf spots in the world. Incredible 300m breaks make it the perfect spot for surfing tournaments, like the Billabong Pro ASP Tournament held every July. In 2009, 45 of the world’s best surfers came to J-Bay for a chance to shine on the big wave.

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