Bodyweight Exercises: How You Can Double The Resistance And Quadruple The Strength

Bodyweight exercises for strength and endurance!

To get what you want, you have to do something different, so why not incorporate bodyweight exercises into your training regimen?

Bodyweight exercises are timeless fitness systems that have been secretly used by the world’s greatest athletes and warriors to develop strength, stamina and, of course, a sensational physique for thousands of years.

The Great Gama, India’s greatest wrestler, undefeated in thousands of wrestling matches, was a fanatical proponent of the power of doing daily Hindu squats (a type of free squat).

Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather, Boxer, Michael Jordan, Basketball Legend and just about every top athlete you can think of has their own sequence of bodyweight exercises.

“(‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd Mayweather…stays within 3-4 pounds of his fighting weight at all times by jumping rope, playing basketball and doing bodyweight exercises twice a week.” (Men’s Health) men)

BodyWeight exercises are based solely on your own body weight, and some of the exercises you’d be most familiar with include push-ups, squats, pull-ups, and sit-ups.

Think about it: if your workouts consisted mostly of pull-ups, how strong and fit would you be?

Clearly, not all of us will be able to start with pull-ups, but with these exercises you’re engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously in a way that promotes balance, and without a doubt produces extraordinary results.

If we take a head-to-head between push-ups and the bench press, and compare and contrast.

Sure, the bench press will give you well-defined pecs, but at what cost. The fact is that lifting weights instead of straightening our bodies, and then strengthening them simply exacerbates imbalances that many of us already have in our bodies. Short tight muscles, followed by missed training sessions due to injury is where weight training will ultimately take you.

How often will you need to lie on your back and push a heavy object up? Hopefully not very often.

Compare this to fully functional push-ups that not only strengthen the chest, arms, and neck like bench presses, but also stress the lower back and abdominal muscles, providing a much more effective workout. . If you don’t believe me, try them at the gym, if you’re still a member and you’ll quickly notice the difference.

If you want a body that exudes energy, strength and power, then you should try BodyWeight exercises to see for yourself just how superior they are over your typical punch and grunt weights routine.

Energy, strength, endurance = bodyweight exercises.


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