Boxing: Antoine Vanackère, again expeditious, only took 64 seconds to beat Ivan Njegac

Ryad Merhy (28 years old, 29 victories, including 24 before the limit, only one defeat) returned to the ring at the Dôme de Charleroi on Saturday evening. This time it was without an audience, and even without the prospect of another victory, since the Brussels resident and his very tough Congolese training partner Youri “El Toro” Kalenga, just delivered a very nice demonstration fight in six rounds which would have delighted spectators if there had been any.

Most of the fifteen duels scheduled for the meeting have also kept all their promises. The prize goes to Antoine Vanackère (26 years old, 16 wins so nine by KO, only one defeat), Belgian welterweight champion (-63.503 kg), whose masterful left hook shot in the liver of his Croatian opponent ended in combat after … 64 seconds. However, we expected to see Ivan Njegac hold it high during the eight rounds, as against Mohamed El Marcouchi, two years ago at Mariakerke.

Only one Belgian has lost! But the super-light Angelo Turco who certainly did not have the favors of the prognosis against the Irishman Niall O’Connor, has the right to be disappointed because undoubtedly he deserved at least the draw, one of the three judges l ‘having also pointed the winner (58-57). Conversely, the heavy-light Badre Jalane (4 fights, 4 wins) does not have to complain about the unanimous score in his favor of the three judges, including a 60-55, at the end of his fierce fight against Serbian Milos Jankovic.

The super average (-76.205 kg) carolo Michel Garcia (16 wins, 1 loss), 32, absent for almost two years, was convincing during his comeback against Serbian Sladjan Dragisic, who showed great courage to reach the limit. This had not been the case in a previous confrontation in the same room in 2018. Irish middleweight (-72.574 kg) Craig O’Brien probably did not expect to have to outdo himself to be declared the winner at the points against Pole Daniel Przewieslik, after the most explosive and undecided shock of the meeting.

The super-feather (-58.967 kg) Stéphane Voda, 27, who faced the Polish Robert Niedzwiedzki, stopped by the referee in the second round, did not have much difficulty remaining undefeated in seven fights. The heavyweight Kamel Kouaouch, 31, also still undefeated after eleven fights, all victorious, was content to dominate the Czech Jiri Svacina, especially anxious not to take too many hits, even if it means giving none.

Finally the Polish brothers Sebastian and Alan Walas who were paralyzed shortly after the first blow of the gong, respectively by Pierino Paglierini and Ray Moylette, will perhaps never remember that they were one day featured in a meeting. at the Dôme de Charleroi.

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