Chinese astrology: take care of your Qi, find your luck

E = MC2

Our emotion is equal to our thoughts that are within our reach to change.

The mind is the control center of change and we are the embodiment of the energy that gives us life and this energy is our life force. In the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this vital force is known as Qi and the way it flows within our body is influenced by our mind and, in the same way, our mind is also affected by it.

Since emotion is a form of energy, we can change our energy by the way we think and our thoughts mark the way for Qi to flow. In other words, where the mind goes, the Qi follows.

If we have a negative mindset, it creates obstacles that impede the flow of Qi and prevent us from taking action. By channeling our thoughts in a positive way, we unblock the flow of Qi so that our actions can produce positive results. This is because our mind is the Qi control center and by changing our thought pattern, we are breaking the unconscious barrier that forms our habits. Qi is transformative and the action we take represents such transformation. Our actions also become our habits, which in turn become the engine of our behavior. In the long run, our character is the result of our behavior. Each step of the transformation from our thoughts to our character gives way for our Qi to flow in transit. Along the way, we can change our emotion by changing our thinking or how we think.

In short, the fastest way to change our thoughts is to consciously control our mind. When we consciously control our mind, Qi follows our thoughts. In other words, the fastest way to change our emotion is to change our thoughts. This is reflected in Einstein’s equation E = MC2 in which energy equals mass times the speed of light to the power of two. Likewise, we have the conscious power to change our thoughts (M) to change our emotional response (E) to a situation. The other factor “C” in the equation stands for “change.”

How is this equation related to Chinese astrology?

There is a branch of study within Chinese astrology known as The Four Pillars of Destiny. It illuminates the character of a person and how he leads the way to his destination. By analyzing the four pillars based on a person’s birth chart that is derived from their date of birth, a teacher can tell the character, ability, potential, and future of the individual. The analysis covers all aspects of life including areas such as career, wealth, health, and relationships. These are important factors that fall within the scope of destiny and by knowing who you really are, you can go with the flow or change the flow of energy in your favor. This is where the equation E = MC2 comes into play. Based on the Four Pillars of Destiny (Ba Zi), the energy within you is represented by the stems and branches within the pillars and they define who you really are, both consciously and unconsciously.

We are born on a certain date that we cannot choose and we cannot choose our family. This is our destiny. Our life force arises from the alignment of the stars and planets during our birth and is governed by universal energy. And through this universal energy, we can make positive changes in our lives by accessing our mind that controls our destiny. Simply put, we have the power to change for the better.

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