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Computer games have become a popular leisure activity in childhood. But research indicates that children’s computer games negatively affect children’s physical and mental health. Games that feature excessive violence are actually doing children more harm. Even children have developed a definite liking for those games. A recent study published on the web has revealed that 32% prefer to play violent computer games. Not only that, but 29% of kids like sports games with violent themes. Only 2% want to play games with educational content. The statistics are quite alarming.

Video gamers might reason that computer games are great for improving hand-eye coordination. But the staggering statistics suggest otherwise. They show that children are rapidly becoming violent thanks to those brutal children’s computer games. Computer games have become an integral part of childhood. Most of the children now play computer games every day. Children’s computer games have been instrumental in injecting violent behavior into children. They tend to react aggressively if something bothers them. The connection between children’s computer games and aggressive behavior has become so obvious that parents have started thinking about how to keep their children away from those harmful computer games.

The theme of children’s computer games is the same: an anonymous person brutally fights an anonymous enemy. This type of children’s computer game instills violent behavior in children. Playing computer games has become the biggest addiction among children. They even save money to buy the latest game titles. Developers of children’s computer games are trying to cash in on their growing popularity. They post advertisements on the Internet and show commercials on TV to grab your attention. However, children still prefer the Internet to learn more about their favorite computer games.

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