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One day I made the mistake of assuming that my aunt knows how to log into Facebook, because I thought that everyone already has a Facebook account. And the fact that we were both impatient didn’t help matters at all. I can laugh about it now. So, after a few breaths, I took my time and showed him how to set up a Facebook account.

And that’s what I’m going to do for you today!

So what is Facebook anyway.

Facebook is a social networking site created by Mark Zuckerburg. There is a movie called The Social Network that explains a bit about him and the creation of him.

With Facebook, you can connect with friends new and old, read each other’s posts, play games, advertise your business, interact with each other through chat, post pictures, and much more.

So how does someone get involved in all this fun?

Well, you have to sign up for Facebook.

And the first step is to go to Another way is to go to any search engine and type “Facebook” and the site will be the first to appear in the search engine.

When you get to, look in the bottom right corner where it says Sign In. You fill in your information in the correct areas and click the green button that says Register. Just a little warning: create a password that ONLY you will remember. You don’t want someone else to come into your Facebook page and play.

Now, on the next page, it asks if you want to search for your friends using your email account. You may have friends on Facebook with your mailing lists. You can choose to do it this way, or you can click Skip this step in the bottom right section of the page. If you click Skip this step, you will be prompted again to find friends or Skip this step. If you still want to skip that step, select Skip. Otherwise, select Find Friends. Up to you.

The next page will ask for high school, college/university, and employer. Most likely, they just want the names of these places. It’s not like a job application where they want your name and address. Just the names of those three and the date they finished high school and/or college. Or you can choose to Skip this step.

Now the last page will ask for your photo. You now have the options to upload a photo from your computer or you can take a photo using your webcam, if you have one. You can skip this step and do it later, though it will be noticeable much faster if you have one. The great thing about Facebook is that you can always change your information at any time.

And after that, you are now on your new Facebook page. Now you can find friends, participate in groups, find a “special” friend (if you are single), play games, etc. The only fun feature is the LIKE function.

Let’s say you like a particular brand of soda. You type the name of the soft drink in the search bar at the top and a pop-up link to its fan page will appear. You can click the link and you are now on the Facebook fan page for the name of the soft drink of your choice. Click the Like button and now you are a fan of that soda.

This works for movies, TV shows, pretty much anything. Not long ago, I became a fan of the color yellow.

So, in conclusion, setting up a Facebook account is not as painful as you might think. It is a place where family and friends can connect with each other, even if they are on the other side of the world.

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