Corona brought the end of 2000 British pubs


Thousands of British pubs did not survive the pandemic, according to an industry association. At least 2,000 had already closed permanently as a result of the long corona lockdown, said Dave Mountford from the Forum for British Pubs to the broadcaster “Sky News”. “Pubs will need years of financial support to recover from this,” said Mountford. Many had taken out loans – but in order to pay them off, lost sales would have to be made up later.


For many British pubs it is said: “Aus’zapft is”

However, it is still completely unclear how many visitors will return to the pubs. “Will people get used to drinking more at home over the course of the year? If I’m honest, it’s a pretty bleak future,” said the industry representative. Due to the ongoing corona lockdown and previous regional restrictions, the pubs in the country have been closed for months. The reopening of guest gardens in England is planned for mid-April.

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