Custom Wine Cellar – Great Investment!

If you have a significant or growing variety of wine collections and vintages that need proper aging and storage conditions to fulfill their full potential, a custom wine cellar is a good idea. By providing a fitting space for your priceless wine collection, you’ll increase your wine-drinking satisfaction.

You get added value when you invest in a wine cellar, both for its practicality and its convenience. Although one usually builds a custom cellar so that you can enjoy it when you are in the residence, it also adds to the price you can ask if you put the house on the market. Wine cellars, wine refrigerators, and wine cabinets are some of the trendiest extras, “absolute necessities” in luxury homes, and are especially appropriate for mansions located in exclusive areas.

Plan and build a custom wine cellar primarily for your wine collection, taking into account existing space, finances, and the convenience of having full access to your own premium wine. You can place it practically anywhere in your house. You can keep them in an empty cabinet, in the corner of a room, in the pantry, under a stairwell, or in the attic. But some places, like bases, are more appropriate settings compared to others.

Any custom warehouse requires adequate space for racking and other mechanical structures. Additionally, they can include a mini counter and a small amount of boxed, bulk, or tub wine storage. The custom wine cellar must have a vapor barrier to prevent condensation inside its walls. This barrier will keep the humidity inside the cellar. Custom wine cellar walls may also need proper insulation to maintain a constant temperature.

When you decide to buy that nice wine cellar, make sure the entrance is sealed with quality weather insulation. You also want to keep it cold in there, so good insulation is essential to keep the cold, humid air inside the cellar. Also make sure you get the electrical wiring before trying to install it.

Completing the wine cellar is the next process, particularly the custom shelving setup. Your shelves should fit the dimensions of your cellar and fit your wine collection; Not all bottles are the same size and shape or can fit in a typical standard wine rack. Other finishing touches include flooring selection, which baseboards to use, crown molding, lighting if needed, countertops and cabinets if needed, door, and other amenities. Regardless of how you design your home wine cellar, it is sure to bring pleasure for many years.

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