Decorate your teen room with a teen room decor makeover

Help your teen decorate their room with some teen decorating tips and teen decorating strategies. Teen decor is an expression of your daughter’s personality.

Start by making the project fun. Use this as a bonding experience and spending time together. This is one time when taking off the mommy hat and putting on the fun buddy hat works! Let your brain brainstorm and listen to your input. Giving in to their wishes within reason, since it’s your home, will earn you big brownie points.

Great idea. Go shopping together. Rummage through magazines. Keep a folder with the colors and styles you like. Search the Internet for teen decorating ideas and tips. Google custom teen bedding or custom teen bedding keywords. Look through gallery photos of teen decorating sites. Focus on the key elements of the design. An amazing piece can be the inspiration for a beautiful room.

Once you decide on the colors, the style… dive in. Make a list of important items you want to include. Things to consider:

1. What kind of furniture do you want? Keep it comfortable. Make a hangout for your friends.
2. How will you arrange the furniture? Experiment with different arrangements. This can make or break a room.
3. Window treatments? Borders, panels, etc.
4. Floors? add rugs
5. Wall decoration ideas Will you use a collection of items? Magnetic photo boards are all the rage right now. Announcement table. String a photo clothesline… Vinyl walls are monogrammed for that sophisticated preppy look. And of course… paint selection. This will make your room come alive!
6. Bedding This is my specialty! Since the bed is where you will be spending most of your time, make it super comfortable. Spend the money on mattress toppers, etc. Quite popular with teens now are duvet covers as they allow girls to easily clean their bedding (spills, stains) and select their insert requirements. Some girls love warmth and down, while others like light and airy bedding. Online sites like mine allow girls to choose their own quilt design style and fabrics. A more important ingredient is comfort. Bombard the bed with cozy pillows. Add a custom headboard for warmth, style and transform a standard bed frame into a piece of furniture that looks beautiful.

Enjoy this experience as you grow stronger together. Working towards a common goal always strengthens a bond. Once the room is complete, be sure to kick back and spend time in your new joint creation.

Happy decorating!

Putting your plan into play. Select a time when you are not in a hurry. Prepare yourself mentally and physically. Go for it. The transformation begins. Take before and after photos.

Enjoy the process together. Your girl is growing up. She creates beautiful memories.

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