Digital Marketing Course Opening New Horizons of Success in Marketing

Why take a digital marketing course?
Money is rapidly being diverted from conventional marketing to digital platforms, and with that has also increased the need for marketers to become familiar with digital techniques and analytics fundamentals.

What will be learned in the digital marketing course?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is becoming a critical channel for marketing and helps to increase your websites ranking by getting more traffic with keyword management, on and off page optimization, URL building, links and many more similar facets. Students will have the opportunity to do this on the WordPress site using the Yoast SEO plugin.

Social Media Marketing: A social media campaign strategy for a product or service is designed and implemented on different platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Additionally, the success of the strategy among the target audience is analyzed for conversion rate and amplification. It also gives insight into how social media can play a critical role in brand building and whether social media likes actually help improve sales.

Network Analyst: This part provides the opportunity to deal with real data to authenticate or confirm that the hypotheses are real for any e-commerce store. Google’s analytics tool is quite useful and has proven its worth over time and is therefore the most widely used tool. Students can download the Google Analytics mobile app to get familiar with it.

Online Ads: This provides an opportunity to easily access paid platforms on the Internet such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and YouTube Ads to target potential buyers, calculate acquisition cost and campaign costs. A spreadsheet is prepared to assess profit margins and painstakingly compare the cost per click to the average order price and customer lifetime value.

Data visualization: This segment is about converting raw data into actionable information for building dashboards that help stakeholders stay current with important numbers and changes to them over time.

Opportunity to work with real e-commerce companies: The institutes invite designers, campaign strategists, and marketing experts to give special lectures on various topics, such as pros and cons of different marketing tools, email marketing, online networking, search engine optimization, website design, etc. user experience and mobile marketing, etc. Students also have the opportunity to handle these tools firsthand by doing group and individual projects and building their personal WordPress website. They are also made to work with e-commerce companies in real time once they are well equipped with the knowledge of various facets of digital marketing.

Career prospects after the course.
Students, after passing various exams given from time to time, gain a firm understanding of all the digital marketing tactics, various tools and resources available. They are also provided with quality placement assistance. It is one of the highest paid departments in any company. You have the option of working as a freelancer or partnering with companies and working in a more organized environment. The following are the positions available for marketing graduates with a concentration in digital marketing:

  • digital marketing manager
  • content marketing manager
  • social media marketing specialist
  • SEO executives
  • editors
  • content writers
  • Conversion Rate Optimizers
  • search engine marketers
  • Inbound Marketing Experts

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