Do you know what’s in your clothes closet? A Mature Woman’s Guide To A Wearable Wardrobe

Has your closet turned into a clothing graveyard? You know, a place where a beautiful blue silk dress once resided, but now it’s been buried in the mess. To get the most out of your closet, you must first know what’s in your closet. Here are some simple steps to make your closet more “user friendly”.

1. Empty your closet

Have you ever moved to a new residence? When you start to empty the house and pack things up, you discover that you have more things than you thought. The same principle applies to your closet. Most women’s closets are full of things they have forgotten. Many of them still have the labels. The only real way to take stock of what you own is to empty your closet and find out what has been hidden there.

2. Sort your clothes by category

Put all your dresses, suits, pants, etc … in their own piles. Use a sheet of paper to write down what you have. For example, a black cocktail dress, two red sweaters. This list will help you with the next step, deciding what to throw away.

3. Get rid of excess

Once the clothes have been ordered, it is time to decide what to wear. Here are some questions to ask yourself during this process:

a) What goes out of style?

Like most mature women, I have seen many styles return. The temptation, therefore, is to keep your clothes because one day they will be back in fashion. The truth is that although styles return, they do not return in the same way. Most designers renew a trend with a modern twist. Another reason to get rid of old-fashioned items is that even though the style returns, it has changed. Or the flared pants you have kept for 8 years will no longer fit or will not be age appropriate.

b) Do you really like this article?

I can’t tell you how many women I know who keep things they don’t like in their closets. I don’t know, maybe they think that the jacket, dress or skirt will suddenly look better, the longer it hangs in your closet. The usual excuse women give for keeping these clothes is that they don’t want to waste money giving the garment away. The truth is that money is wasted every day, the item hangs in your closet and no one uses it. If you’re worried about money, take items like these to a consignment or resale store to get at least some return on your investment.

c) Does it fit?

If you have clothes that are too big or too small, consider getting rid of them. Clothes that are too big can be altered to fit. However, if the garment is too large because you recently lost 50 pounds, it is best to give it away. Any attempt to alter it can destroy the drape or lines of the garment. Items that are too small should also be discarded. Avoid keeping an item because it will fit you well when you lose weight. Your closet should only contain clothes that you can wear now.

d) Does it suit your lifestyle?

A woman’s wardrobe should reflect her lifestyle. If you are retired, you can probably ditch most of your business suits. Maybe he moved from Chicago to Miami. If that’s the case, chances are your thick wool coats and furs can be consigned or donated. Whatever the lifestyle change, make sure your closet only contains clothing that is relevant to your current lifestyle.

5) Conduct an ongoing audit

Once your closet has been rearranged, keep it stocked with only wearable garments by conducting an ongoing audit. An easy way to achieve this is that every time you wear something, hang it upside down in the closet. At the end of the month, inspect the clothes that are still hanging in the front position. These are the ones that have not been used and may need to be donated or discarded.

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