Dreams will come true: be patient and be positive

There is a famous quote: “All dreams come true one day.”

Well, before I elaborate on this or share my philosophy on this quote.

Let me first take the opportunity to inform all my readers and set the context properly.

Let me also clarify that my thoughts are not about an ordinary man who achieves fame, status, adulation, wealth and becomes a celebrity overnight or a highly successful business tycoon or a man of renown or a strong and powerful politician.

In fact, I am delighted to share my personal experiences and conclude that most of my dreams have been and have come to pass in one way or another in this lifetime.

I believe that dreams are never small or big. They can be material, romantic or creative.

If I were to define dreams, they are recurring desires, an intrinsic drive to achieve something or achieve something that one appreciates or has been looking forward to for quite some time.

You love to think and feel passionately about it, you dream about it all day long, you get desperate to get it and you get excited when someone talks about it. In short, it is your treasure and it is dear to you. And the moment you visualize that it has been achieved, you are on cloud nine, in seventh heaven.

The feeling is as joyful and special as climbing Mount Everest or going to space or becoming a billionaire. It is a driving force that can make you work for hours on end. It drives you to work hard, go the extra mile, and be optimistic even in the most trying of circumstances.

I have been dreaming about different things and here is an interesting list of my dreams that have come true so far.

I used to dream of having my own blog, writing my articles and posting them on my blog to inspire my near and dear ones. The fact that a website recognized or certified these items was like another step, although I did not see it in my dream. I always wanted to write about a variety of topics, something positive, to motivate myself and others without even an aorta of negativity or criticism like the critics who criticize on any subject. I didn’t discover my creative streak until the day I sat down and wrote a beautiful poem supplemented by several people.

Appearing in an advertisement as a professional model was really wonderful. And it did happen that I was able to get a social media ad endorsing a safety campaign for a big name car brand with a leading role in it with numerous accolades for my performance.

Being a health freak myself, I am quite health obsessed. He dreams of doing fitness activities continuously: being able to do yoga, pranayama, Surya namaskar, aerobics, dancing, joining a gym. Participating in a marathon was another reason for my happiness. It was a very pleasant experience to finish 5 km in just 25 minutes and to be among the top 50 in the Marathon.

Being able to work in the spiritual realm and advising people to eliminate or at least reduce problems in their life is another example of a dream coming true.

Becoming a father of a beautiful daughter and having a lot of fun playing with her every day. The feelings, the affection, the love that you get in this relationship cannot be described in words.

Being able to coach in personality development, Corporate World, Soft Skills and thus influence hundreds of young men and women to work positively towards their goals is nothing less than an achievement and a recurring dream come true.

Working for a social cause and contributing to the well-being of our society. I am grateful to God that I had the wonderful opportunity to work for a non-governmental organization, thus contributing to a constructive cause of educating poor children. A dream worth living a hundred lives.

Being invited to a Management Institute as Guest of Honor to share my professional career with them. I was appreciated for being able to inspire you with my thoughts and experiences. I dream of this and it became reality.

There is a golden rule that I have realized all these years. If you want your dreams to come true, one has to be patient and believe in oneself with strong conviction and motivation to pursue these dreams.

Dreams must become reality by constantly working to achieve them. By working hard, trying hard and constantly reminding yourself.

Another thing that I would like to share is that I always convey my best wishes to people especially on their birthday “May God bless you and all your dreams come true”. Wishing something positive for people, at least for your loved ones and close ones, always helps. As our elders say, there is Goddess Saraswati sitting on our tongue. Whether you say something nice or unpleasant, it will most likely come true. So, she speaks nice, positive and good for everyone. This Universe is made up of atoms. Positive atoms release positive energy and the impact is multiplied and vice versa.

Pouring water into the sun is an excellent example of generating positive energy. The Sun radiates and strikes this Universe with its abundant light, energy and power. Have positive vibes around you. Do things to have a “feel good factor” and work in a positive environment. This will nourish your brain, your morale, your motivation levels and consequently your dreams. Stay away from negative people as they clutter your mind and can create obstacles to fulfilling your dreams.

Mythological finding also states: what you give, comes back to you. You donate, think noble thoughts, make sincere efforts, speak humbly, and do good deeds. In reciprocity, good things will happen with you most of the time. You do bad karma, you speak ugly words, evil will eventually follow you, your work gets messed up, and you suffer from negative thoughts.

Scientifically too, it has been proven over and over again, negative energy sucks into your mind, body and soul and results in a lot of negativity. Meanwhile, positive energy attracts positive thoughts. Therefore, be positive, encouraging and cheerful. Things will fall into place sooner or later.

Lastly, dream big, have faith in your abilities and in the universe, keep remembering, so that the dreams remain in your subconscious mind and one day you will exceed your dreams when you reach your destination. God bless you!

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