Father’s Day Gifts – Unique Gift Ideas

If you’re lucky, you’ve left a few clues about the things you want (like that new laptop bag), but if you need to ask, you probably won’t get much of it. Try to get clues as to what you would like to achieve and you will probably get the dreaded response of “I don’t care,” “It doesn’t matter,” or worst of all, “Let’s forget it.” Instead of giving in and resorting to the typical (boring) gift options, spend some time thinking about HIM and what he enjoys. And remember, men share this with women: they both have desires for things they want very much, but will not justify buying for themselves. So if you know the secret desire you’ve been harboring for those flashy new tires, bingo, you’ve nailed it.

As with all gifts, the most important thing about choosing the perfect gift is that everything centers on the person you honor, so choose a gift that matches their personality: practical or romantic, sweet and sensitive, playful or corny. – It has to be about him. Consider your interests and how you like to spend your time, then choose a gift that fits well.

If you’re thinking of buying him something to wear, forget about the itchy sweater that you think makes him look adorable; she may use it to please him, but that’s not what a “perfect” gift is all about. Instead, get him something that makes him look and feel manly (like designer sunglasses).

Remember that your time and undivided attention are a big part of the best gift you can give a man, so if you are a woman honoring the father of your children remember that small acts of affirmation and devotion will increase their self-esteem and emotional security and are intensely meaningful, either alone or as the backdrop to a gift that comes with a bow on top. ‘Spending Time Together’ gifts are a great option for Father’s Day, as long as it’s an activity you enjoy and doesn’t involve a lot of demanding preparation. Tip: Tickets to a baseball game are often a better option than a fancy brunch (most guys prefer to move than sit and chat).

Speaking of gifts presented with a bow, remember that gadgets and technology are the gift of choice for men, which is the equivalent of diamonds for women.

Honor him by acknowledging his interests. If he’s crazy about sports, his car, or classical music, choose a gift that shows you care enough for him to pay attention to what he loves. Making it special may just be a matter of improving it: instead of buying him a basic tool, you choose a Lee Valley craft-style tool; Instead of a book, gift him an autographed first edition, whatever it takes to make him realize that you think he’s special.

If you are a master of the grill or an avid golfer, and choose one of those passions as your theme, be sure to add a touch of creativity to your gift. Pick something unique (or customize something that isn’t). Or give something else that celebrates your ingenuity, creativity or abilities, such as a new set of woodworking tools or a model building kit that ties in with your fascination with ships.

Memories can be a great Father’s Day gift if you’re in a particular period: the 50s, the Beatles era, Woodstock, the 80s; You will have fun receiving a gift that reminds you of the good times. If you are a collector, an addition to your Victorian coin, stamp or paperweight collection may be ‘perfect’, but be sure to do your homework on what is missing from your collection and, most importantly, make sure you can exchange it. (This is one of the rare times I recommend considering a gift certificate.)

For toddler gifts, what dad doesn’t take pride in displaying his handmade treasures on his dresser or desk in the office? Handmade crafts meet young children’s budgets and offer a creative outlet for their boundless creativity and love (plus, shopping for craft supplies can be an enjoyable experience to share with Mom). For store bought gifts, personalized items that pay tribute to your dad status are ‘perfect’ gifts: ‘My Dad’ photo frames, acrylic engraved photos, personalized cufflinks, tie clip or watch, all can hit the right note.

If you’re helping your child choose a Father’s Day gift and the quote says “socks or a tie,” don’t give in to the temptation. (If there’s anything more tiring than this gift idea, I don’t know what.) Instead, teach your child to think about what Dad would really like. It doesn’t have to be expensive, how about a calendar with a passionate topic of interest or a place you love? Not only will the gift be a success for dad, but it will also teach your child an important lesson in how to give a meaningful gift.

Happy shopping!

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