Forest owners warn: The climate is becoming too dry for spruce

Forest owners in Germany are demanding more political support in order to better deal with the consequences of climate change. “We can no longer afford a romantic view of the forest and we have to do everything we can to ensure that the forest becomes climate-stable,” said the President of the German Timber Industry Council (DHWR), Steffen Rathke, in Berlin on the occasion of the Forest Day on Sunday.

The planting of the Douglas fir, which is robust in drought conditions, and other trees such as the North American red oak could, in the opinion of the DWHR, help so that there are healthy forests despite climate change. The spruce, on the other hand, needs too much water.

Rathke referred to the forest status report of the German federal government, according to which four out of five trees in Germany have a light crown – the proportion of healthy trees is lower than ever since the surveys began in 1984.

The timber industry council is the German umbrella organization of the industry, according to its own information it represents 70,000 companies across Germany that have 650,000 employees and an annual turnover of around 120 billion euros. The industry is broad, in addition to wood dealers, it includes carpenters, window makers, paper mills and the furniture industry.

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