Formula 1: and one more transitional season for Williams, a

The era of renewal has started badly: while announcing a spectacular presentation of its 2021 version of its single-seater, the Williams team was the victim of a computer hack. It is therefore on the basis of photos of a classic F1 but with other colors, fortunately, that the English team has stated its ambitions for 2021. Starting from a zero point, it can hardly do worse.

VShez Williams, the transition seasons follow and resemble each other. For 2021, it is very likely that George Russel will continue to crush his teammate with his talent by praying to all the gods of the earth to be able to slip into the world champion Mercedes as quickly as possible while Nicholas Latifi, or more exactly his dad, will sign big checks to justify his presence in Formula 1.

For the rest ? Williams is in a transitional phase, you are told. And this time the expression is appropriate. In recent months, the team no longer belongs to the Williams family but to a powerful American multinational. Enough to inject new money into a bloodless team whose only goal, until mid-season 2020, was to survive and pay its staff.

With this buyout and the cash available to Dorilton Capital (the new owners), it shouldn’t be a problem. Hopefully it’s not completely megalomaniac new rich who think they will increase their investment tenfold in record time. If so, they will quickly be disillusioned.

We also feel a real desire to progress by appointing the very efficient Jost Capito at the head of the team. German by origin, he has built most of his career between the United States (he was one of Ford’s thinking heads in Detroit) and Great Britain. Boss of Ford in rallying (Duval era), then of VW, still in rallying, he made a brief appearance at McLaren before being eliminated by less talented people whom he overshadowed.

He’s back in F1 with the great desire to prove his skills. It will take a long time to rebuild this team, but with brilliant people at the helm, a higher budget, the Mercedes engine and one of the most promising drivers in it, the task should not be insurmountable. And then, the team has scored only 8 points in the last three years and 0 in 2020. They can only do better.

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