Google Me – What appears when someone searches for your name?

Have you “googled” someone to find out what comes up? Do you think someone has “googled” you? If you’ve been marketing online or offline for a while, don’t be surprised if you’ve been “Googled” more than you think! Do you care what people know about you?

Have you already Googled yourself? Have you published in any forum, blog and others? Stop, run and check. What did you find? Interesting, huh?

When I first made this a few years ago, I thought it was really cool! There were a few forum posts in addition to my website links. After writing a couple of articles, it was more interesting as the articles were being picked up by other websites along with my resource box. It was funny when I asked someone to Google my name (while I was standing there) and they exclaimed “ohhhh, you’re famous!” Not quite, but it was impressive.

Have you noticed that the so-called gurus have their names all over them? They want their market to know who they are. They are branding themselves. Those who read what they have to say can decide if this matches their own beliefs and needs. Many get to know and trust them, buy from them, and then call them “gurus.” Google any of their names and look at the entries.

If you’re online, want to be successful, and want to remain anonymous, you may find it difficult to do so. People generally buy from people or companies they know, like, and trust. Hiding behind a cyber wall does not build credibility. Name branding and credibility should be top of your agenda.

So how do you improve your credibility? How do you make sure that when someone “googles” your name, good things come up? Join content sites: social networks, forums, article and video directories, etc. Before you hit submit when entering content on these sites, remember what your mom said (oh, my mom said this, but maybe yours did too!) she said… “If you don’t have something nice to say… say it”. “. Value of the offer.

Remember that what you say is a reflection of you. When others read what you write, what do you think they will see? How will you be remembered? Does this fit with the image you want others to have of you? If you’re not sure, you can ask someone for feedback before you submit and make your mark in cyberspace.

You can make a difference in your life. You can make your star shine. Why not start today!

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