Has the crazy frog gone crazy?

A mobile phone rings. Listens. It is not an MP3 tune from the latest hit. Nor is it the tone that mimics the natural and man-made sounds heard in an environment. You can discern voices, but they are not name tones nor are they famous lines from popular movies or TV series. If so, then it has to be. This has to be the latest fad they are talking about. It’s the crazy frog !!!

Crazy Frog will surpass its own current popularity with the release of new ringtone variations that are ready to play with the click of a button. In very simple steps, search, click to listen and choose, you can download your own ringtone or send it to a friend.

This madness was released in the UK in 2004 via the hit single “Axel F”, a mix from Germany-based mobile phone content distributor Jamba. It hit the waves and soon became the number one hit chart. Its success spread over time and easily to Australia and the rest of Europe. What drives this frog crazy is actually the sound that mimics that of a two-stroke moped engine. Starting from this simple engine sound, Crazy Frog has explored other sound effects or even music and continues to do so. This frog is growing.

Browse through its psychopathic variations as Crazy Frog performs songs for kids, rock metal enthusiasts, and other themes in English and select European languages. Each ringtone is loud, not in the decibel sense of the word, but in its persistent chatter. Yet at the same time, the melodies are catchy, upbeat, and bubbly that surely no one will miss out on.

While listening to Crazy Frog imitating the ringing of a telephone (Ring! Ring!), Singing a rap or racing on a motor, you just shake your head and smile. You would ask yourself, ‘What is that again?’ Then you would click the button to listen again. And again. It’s a weird but incredibly fun distraction. Crazy frog grabs your attention whether it be annoying you or having fun. That’s why it’s called Crazy Frog!

If you are one of those who are hooked on this trend, there is no need to worry or worry about your current mobile if it is not a recently launched model. Crazy frog plays for a long list of models from Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Sagem, Siemens, Sharp, Samsung, Panasonic, and LG Mobile. Crazy Frog covers not only Europe and Australia, but also the United States and Asia. In fact, there are a variety of shades available from the various service providers available in these countries. Crazy Frog is going global!

Really, this Crazy Frog has been watching closely, listening to the heartbeat of the crowd and now offers ringtones that drive you crazy. Are you ready for it? Have fun. Amuse others. Check out all the new crazy frog ringtones, because nothing written here compares to fun and crazy when you actually hear what this hilariously wacky amphibian is croaking about. Croak! Croak!

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