Honda hubcaps: buy from the father of wheel covers

I don’t know if you remember the 80s, but I do. It was back there, between Boy George and Oliver up north, during a time when imports were the exception, that the Honda Motor Company patented and developed the first hubcaps and wheel covers that were held in place by the vehicle’s lug nuts. . It’s one of those “DUH” moments in history where a concept is so simple that you wonder why it was different. The oddity is that it took other companies more than 15 years to copy the concept. You can patent a bolt design, but you can’t patent the nut and bolt concept, so nothing stopped the other companies from designing their own assemblies.

It has been said that there are few other companies that can match the quality of a Honda hubcap, even today. While it takes more than the old hit-and-place method that old hubcaps used to put them on, the small amount of extra effort is a fair trade-off for knowing your hubcaps aren’t going to fall off a cliff as you drive for a few days. There was one occasion when an observant rider was saved from a host of possible injuries by managing to notice and avoid one of the shoulder mace plugs on his way. It had been obscured by some short grasses, but it was substantial enough that it had risen up and caused some damage.

Honda’s design is astonishingly simple. The Honda hubcap uses a chrome nut with a lock washer. The washer keeps the hubcaps in place. The washers are held in place by the nuts themselves that surround the central shaft where the logo is usually stamped.

If you have a Honda but for some reason you don’t have the factory wheel covers, take note. If you want to fit wheel covers, you will first need to make sure you have at least the washers. Without them, the wheel covers will not stay in place. You will need at least half the total number of washers present on the lugs. If you need to purchase washers or wheel covers, you can purchase them from any Honda dealer.

When buying hubcaps or wheel covers, you should also make sure to buy a compatible model. There are not only differences in stud pattern, but also stud extension problems. For example, the hub caps on the Honda Accord cannot be interchanged with those on the Honda Civic because the lug spacing on the Honda Accord is 115mm and the bolt pattern on the Honda Civic is 100mm. These two vehicles have their own unique covers that you must replace accordingly.

When looking for the perfect wheel covers, you need to consider more than just the lug pattern and reach. Although not all change every year, there are model years and model-specific differences. Mainly, this has to do with the overall appearance and size of the tire. You will need to use a hubcap reference guide to be absolutely sure you are ordering the correct parts.

Also, don’t be afraid of aftermarket parts. If you can find replicas, they may not have the logo, but they should work just as well. The main functions of the hubcaps are cosmetic and also protect the inner wheel from dirt and debris. Although some people prefer authentic pieces for a matter of taste, the functionality is available for those who do not need to pay more for the name.

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