How difficult is the AAPC CPC exam?

The AAPC CPC exam is not a walk in the park, just so you know as you prepare to take your AAPC CPC exam. The exam requires a great deal of information on your part in terms of preparation. Many people go to the exam room and are dejected because of the complexity of this exam. In fact, according to recent reports, around 40-50% of all students fail the AAPC CPC exam. This is concerning to many people and may not improve for anyone anytime soon. So why is the AAPC CPC exam so difficult? Here are some possible explanations.

One thing that makes the exam difficult is that certification is in high demand. Not to mention that the standards need to be improved every year. After all, your salary depends on it. You know that nothing good comes on a silver platter. The standards for this exam are set to sift the cream of the medical industry and leave behind those who fail. You won’t just walk into a CPC exam room and hope to earn certification and a new salary level.

Because getting certified as a medical coder comes with a certain level of competence and benefits, many people sign up for certification as a medical coder. This means that thousands of people take the exam each year. Therefore, the levels should be set high at all times. Challenging work awaits you and you need to be well prepared to avoid disappointment later. Know that many other determined people are eager to pass the exam and the examiners know this too. Rather than worrying about the exam pass rate, it’s best to focus on preparing as much as possible.

So, take your time to prepare for the exam. This should be a few months or days before the exam day. Look up past exams and get nifty work notes to help you prepare for the exam. Stay mentally fresh to help you stay strong throughout the testing period. Make sure the papers you read are reliable and official guides to the test. You can hire a trainer to help you with the review, and the online guides are also reliable so you’re ready for work at all times.

As you know, the exam lasts 6 hours, which is a long time for a job. You must be prepared for this from the beginning. The exam is challenging and in the end anything can happen. But if you don’t pass, you can still take the CPC certification exam again. Just find out where you went wrong and build from there. You may experience a lot of pressure (especially due to the weather!) So make sure you are ready for it. Be strong in mind and take your time with each question. While the AAPC CPC exam can be difficult, it is possible to pass the exam on the first try, as many have done.

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