How to Add a Sales Funnel to Your Existing Website

Hi, I’m Mike Grady from Business Fuel.
I’m answering that question of the week.

Alright, the question we have is how to add a sales funnel to your existing website.
Well, the short answer is click funnels.

So yes, you can add a sales funnel to your existing website or you can turn a traditional website into a great sales phone.
This works like hiring a training salesperson to nurture leads and convert them into sales 24/7.
See, adding a sales funnel has never been easier. As an entrepreneur, you will never again have to feel handcuffed by technicians.
Yes, you no longer have to rely on tech people to make your lead moguls and offers available online.
You see, in the past I’ve had to rely on, I’m, you know, programmers and graphic designers just to set up a very basic sales funnel.

And usually it would take them two or three months to get it up and running.
I gave it to them once. Most of the time it was not done exactly as I wanted, but I invented it, I invested a lot of time and money.
Today, I use software my guys made called click funnels and I can build a funnel in about 10 minutes.
I have an idea, I create an offer, I create a funnel and then I see if it works.
If it doesn’t work right away, then I can make quick changes and then post it and then wait and see if it starts to drive sales.
Look, this program was created for technical non-tech entrepreneurs like me who are not programmers.
We don’t know how to be designers, so we can easily create pages within a sales funnel that are proven to convert.

Yes, you can stop paying technicians their ridiculous prices like I did.
It gives you the power to turn your ideas into reality and then turn those offers into money. And to make it quick, I create a video that walks you through the main steps, which are the lead magnet, the offer page, the thank you page, the sales page, and of course the most critical part, which is the tracking phone. , the video.
I’ll show you how you can, as an entrepreneur, literally take back the power of techies.
I’ll put a link in the description below the video and then you can watch it later and learn from it.
So whether you’re on vacation, in the office, or at home, your funnel will work for you as a full-time salesperson.

Also, my mentor, Russell Brunson, wrote an industry-changing book on how to create a mass movement of people who will pay for your advertising, pay for your advice, and pay for your products.
So I’ll put a link to the description below about that. You can check it for yourself.
So I hope this answer helps if you can really put a sales funnel on your website or just turn your website into a sales funnel so you can have people come and get your message and review your products and buy your products the 24 hours. day.

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