How to Get Your Small Business Featured on Wikipedia: Get Wikipedia Web Traffic

Wikipedia is a user-edited website that, time and again, ranks number 8 or 9 (Alexa ranking) of all websites on the World Wide Web. Small businesses, of course, want to appear on Wikipedia. Of course, there are big hurdles if you have tried. When I first tried to list a small business, my content was removed minutes later.

A subject matter expert will review the discussion page on Wikipedia. You must show that you are an expert on the subject you are writing about or your content will be removed immediately.

The first trick is not to write in an influential way. Write in a neutral tone and do not promote your product. Wikipedia has content managers for different areas of the website. The community discusses their content, and in the end, the admin has the final say on whether their text, images, and links are launched. After my first failure, I tried to write a monotonous snippet about my company. I posted this and left thinking that I had fixed the problem. I was completely wrong! What you have to realize is that it is not enough to be factual.

Your business should be noteworthy. You must persuade the community and administrators that your article about your company is prominent and important. In general terms, your company must show itself as important to the community and society. Make sure you’re referring to something new and broad, and not just talking about your small business. You may want to talk about innovative technology. You need to cite important work such as academic articles, company group references, or analytical coverage. The longer the better. Finally, you must participate in the Wikipedia discussions that will occur on your user profile.

Anyone can come and say that their article is promoting a company or products on Wikipedia. You need to tell people why the article is not an advertisement on Wikipedia. When placing external links at the bottom of the page, do not use commercial links. Instead, use research articles that reference your company (you can try including your company link at some point, but be prepared for a Wiki battle!). After all is said and done and after you keep trying, you will eventually be able to get a ton of traffic from your Wikipedia business profile.

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