Importance and Maintenance Procedures in an LPG Gas Stove Burner

If you have an LPG gas stove burner and the flame isn’t exactly light blue and is sputtering, then you may have a problem with the burner. Maintenance is necessary because a weak flame like this is a danger to the person using the stove and could cause an explosion. Maintaining it will also ensure that you keep your energy costs down because it prevents waste.

Whether you use LPG or industrial gas burners, getting rid of spills is very important. The stove you are using can also determine if spillage will play a role in reducing the stove’s efficiency. There are two types of stoves used at home. The stove open and sealed.

Open and Sealed Stoves

The first means that the cooking surface is open and therefore spills could reach the burner. The sealed cooktop has a sealed cooking surface that prevents spills from reaching the back of the cooktop. Open stoves are more efficient when cooking, but require little maintenance. The sealed design compromises the stove’s efficiency and makes it last longer without maintenance.

If you look at it from another angle, the sealed stove may be more efficient in the long run than the open one, since spills don’t significantly affect its efficiency. Industrial burners must be regularly maintained, as they are smaller in diameter to better focus the flame.

Clean the stove

Periodic cleaning of the burner of the LPG gas stove is important to remove the grease that can accumulate and clog the system and prevent it from working properly. Cleaning can be done by removing the top of the stove.

Remove the burner and clean it with hot water. Be sure to remove as much fat as you can. Locate the flame and flash tube openings, then use a thin wire; Remove any dirt that may be trapped there. You can reassemble the entire unit and test it, checking the quality of the flame.

Importance of the materials used

Both stoves and industrial gas burners must be made of materials that can resist rust and corrosion. This is even more important for industrial gases like acetylene, which can corrode it. For heavy duty applications, it is important to consider high quality materials such as cast brass and stainless steel. Other materials, like cast iron, will start to rust after some time.

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