Kiraka the Boy Child Chronicles

He enjoyed when his friends called him ‘KBC’, his slang name for Kiraka, the boy. They all had one. On the streets, you had to have a name.

This time, KBC was facing its most important moment since arriving in the city a decade ago.

He had been dreaming of this moment in the past. This was a long time ago, when the city was just an imagination in Kiraka’s imagination.

Now the day was here, and Kiraka was here. It was real. While walking down the narrow winding path to the Master’s house to collect his reward, Kiraka ran into his neighbor Liam. Liam was his real name, but just like Kiraka. Liam’s street name was Mali.

It had been quite a while since Liam and Kiraka met. About seven years had passed since the terrible incident in which Kiraka and Uliam became the new friends and became bitter enemies. Well, Kiraka, he had forgotten the past and moved on. But the sight of Mali, despite the long time, brought back memories in an instant.

Mali was equally surprised to see his old friend. They uncomfortably exchanged courtesies, and KBC quickly apologized, rushing to the Master’s house so as not to be late for their appointment.

But where would Uliam come from? Kiraka wondered. The only destination Uliam came from was the Master’s house! As soon as this thought came to Kiraka’s mind, everything occurred to him. The memory was as vivid as yesterday; how it all began.

It was a Sunday afternoon, right after Kiraka returned from church. Kiraka used to spend Sunday afternoons at her mother’s house when she came home from church. This Sunday was like any other, and Kiraka lay on the mat under the mango tree in the yard listening to the popular Sunday afternoon radio show.

Then the call came. It was Mali. Mali’s call changed things forever for Kiraka and her entire family. Mali asked Kiraka to meet him at the market urgently. When Kiraka arrived at the famous gathering place under the mango tree in the market, Mali was waiting eagerly, with a wide smile and sparkling eyes. Without hesitation, Mali explained to Kiraka that an investor from India was in town looking for young men to help them migrate to their country, where they can become rich and successful. The only requirement was the payment of a facilitation fee of two thousand dollars.

The day of success had finally arrived, Kiraka thought as he hurried to the bank to withdraw his life savings to pay for this golden opportunity.

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