Learn how to collect payments on your Facebook store

Facebook Shop/Shop currently allows you to offer your items and web-based administrations, achieving 241 million potential customers in India. With life online becoming one of the main approaches to selling, this is all you need to think about how to sell using Facebook as a medium.

According to Statista, Facebook crossed the 2 billion mark, in terms of the number of monthly dynamic customers in the first quarter of 2018. India ranks No. 1 as the country with the most number of Facebook customers, surpassing other countries such as the United States, Brazil and Indonesia.

Could you imagine the number of customers you could now connect with through Facebook Shop? Here is an extensive manual for creating a business page and understanding the subtleties of how to use Facebook shop for your business.

The most effective method to create a free business page on Facebook:

To open a Facebook Shop, you will first need a Facebook Business Page. It’s a perfect place to showcase your articles or administrations and connect with customers. It is profoundly prescribed for organizations hoping to roam the computerized space.

Sign in to your own registry

Tap on “Settings” (tab on the top left half of the page)

Click on “Create page”

Choose the “Business or Brand” option, tap “Get Started”

Select the important “Page Name” and “Rating” you are on

Upload a “Profile Image” and a “Cover Image”, which best represents your business

Your business page has now been created on Facebook.

You will now be able to use this page to advance your articles or administrations through both natural and paid advances. A perfect method to get new customers is to continually attract them with new content, posting new articles or highlights, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

How to start selling in the Facebook store?

Level 1:

Once your Facebook business page is ready, make a “Buy Now” button, which will allow customers to easily shop using Facebook. Hover over the right side of the cover image that has a Call to Action (CTA) capture.

Stage 2:

Tap the CTA button and select the “Alter” option.

Under “What capture do you want people to see?” select “Buy with you or give as a gift.”

Select “Buy Now”

Note: Make sure your profile and cover photos are transferable and illustrative of the type of business you run. Include the proper username and description to allow potential customers to show signs of improving their understanding of the products or services you offer.

Stage 3:

You will now see an option to entertain your customers in an online store or external site or allow them to shop on your Facebook page. You can invite them to your Instamojo online store or offer an Instamojo installment connection for items in your Facebook store.

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