Liberators no!

What new culture have we given birth in this new millennium?

As a patriotic Australian, I am appalled to learn how a rogue group of defense personnel has permanently tainted our country’s good name and track record. The damage done to our good name is irreparable. Permanent harm to families and people living peacefully in their own country of birth is unforgivable.

I try not to get angry the more I learn about this, and the more facts are revealed, that they had been shrouded under a buddy system of secrecy and deception. Someone could argue that in love and war everything is fair, but I don’t think it refers to the senseless and unnecessary killing of innocent civilians. How can we live now to separate ourselves from the rest of the animal kingdom?

These despicable acts were committed as sport, as a test of manhood to rank the members of this blood brotherhood to raise their rank each time they carried out an illegal ‘slaughter’. They called it ser ‘bloody. These guys are no different from the ancient barbarians who had to kill other humans to prove their worth and then be accepted by their own underground.

These are the same soldiers who were sent to Afghanistan to represent our society in the good name of our country. The people of Australia paid his salary. They were supposed to uphold some code of ethics during their operations. Instead, they formed their own group, within the military, to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting, unarmed, humble and peaceful people of small villages and to divide families by murdering innocent people without rhyme or reason. You should be ashamed of yourself! Were you raised without any feeling, without human feeling?

It would seem that they did it all in the name of the sport that these mindless idiots had created for the benefit of their own entertainment. They were bored? Don’t have X-box to play? Evidence shows that new recruits were encouraged to join and get their ‘death score’. The report showed that at least thirty-nine people were illegally and unnecessarily killed by these animals. Even if it was just one, it would still be a sham.

These assassins were tasked with creating a secret circle of assassins. The atrocities they carried out with such confidence and freedom took a while to see the light of day because they had been protected by a vast web of secrets, hidden in a forest of lies to cover up their blatant misconduct. I wonder how far this knowledge crept into the snake. How high does it go up to the neck before running into the head of the snake?

In one case, a family of farmers saw Australian soldiers drag their wounded father to a secluded area, but they never returned him. His children found their father dead. He was trampled to death. What soldier finds it necessary to trample on another man’s chest like this until he dies? The man was unarmed and was not a danger to the soldiers. In another case, these soldiers cut the throats of two teenagers and then disposed of their bodies. How could you Do you feel if your children are being slaughtered in this way? There are too many witnesses who have given evidence that it was definitely the soldiers wearing Australian military uniforms who did it, and they also committed similar atrocities time and time again to many other people. Perhaps it was some demonic ritual to receive the praise of the barbarians in command. In that case, the devil made you do it! Not believing in a God would be the least of his thoughts. His supreme being could only be the ruling barbarians in charge, who condoned these wanton killings.

That’s why the results of a four-year investigation are now shaking an entire nation. Anyone who is not surprised by these findings must be of the same mold as these perpetrators and therefore mistakenly sympathize with these barbarians once in uniform.

I am displeased, but I applaud the senior officials and especially those on the ground up close and personal who allowed their good conscience to prevail. Well done! But it remains a sad day for Australia’s traditional military history and international reputation.

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