Long bed versions now used for Toyota Tundra units

Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. has revealed a new feature for its next Tundra. The all-new full-size 2007 Tundra pickup truck will have long-bed versions as revealed by the automaker during a press conference held at the Toyota Technical Center-Calty Design Studio. The reveal was made in connection with the automaker’s participation in the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) Annual Product Conference in Dearborn, Michigan.

Brian Smith, Toyota Corporate Truck Operations Manager, said: “The NTEA Product Conference is an ideal forum to introduce the Tundra Long Bed Work Truck. Toyota recognizes the importance of commercial customers to long-term success. Working with NTEA will allow its members time to develop a wide variety of Tundra-compatible work equipment and have those products on the market by the time the new Tundra launches in February. “

Toyota Tundra auto parts are now bolstered by recent innovation from the automaker’s design group called the long bed. Tundra Long Bed will be available in regular and double cab versions. Said feature has a 165-inch wheelbase. The addition will make the Tundra Double Cab Long Bed the longest of the automaker’s truck models. The long bed function is specially designed to transport a crew of 6 people plus their loads. Tundra Regular Cab Long Bed, on the other hand, will provide additional storage capacity. Additional loads will be placed on the rear of the driver’s seat. Additionally, cargo needs will also be met by the largest interior in its class.

The new long-box versions of the Tundra have a choice of 3 engines including a 5.7-liter V8. The latter provides a maximum towing of over 10,000 pounds plus payload capacity. Smith added: “The new Tundra is ready to go like no Toyota before. When the new Tundra hits dealer showrooms this February, we’re confident full-size truck buyers will see the Tundra as the most capable, best-built, best-value half-ton pickup in America. “

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