love me as I love you

My name is Hydee and I am a female outdoor Labrador Retriever. I love my owner very much. I sit by his lawn chair listening to his complaints about his hard day at work as he strokes my head and sips an adult beverage. I clean up his mess when he drops a rib eye steak on the patio deck after burning his hand on the grill fork. I navigate the pool cleaning leaves from the surface of the water for him. Announcement when a stranger is on the other side of the fence. During the summer, I like to sleep under the stars at night, but during the scorching days of South Texas I need a place to get away from the elements. When winter comes, I need a cozy place to call my bedroom. Love me as I love you.

I visit daily, through the fence, with a beautiful rottweiler puppy named Lexee. She was describing her new doghouse and it sounds wonderful. It is a garden doghouse with a shuttered window that opens for more ventilation. It even has a flap on the door to protect it from rain and insects. Both are great features for added convenience. The roof is constructed of waterproof tile material. And the rest of the house is made from kiln-dried fir wood with an oil-based stain that exhibits qualities similar to cedar, making it resistant to pests, rot, weather, and moisture. It really is a great dog house. Love me as I love you.

There may be a downside that I don’t know how easy it is to remove the roof for cleaning. The opening is large though, so Dad could pressure wash and use a leaf blower to effectively clean and dry the interior. I will do my best to keep it clean. Look, I love you.

During the summer, I would like my home to be shaded with the door and window openings facing south for the cooler coastal breezes. During the winter though, I want to place it in the sun for solar heating, but keep the door and window openings to the south so the cold and brittle north wind doesn’t ruin me. Also, make sure the house is off the ground to ventilate and keep the floor dry when it rains. Love me as I love you.

I weigh 83 pounds and I need a home that fits my size comfortably, but is cozy. I want the size of my den to allow me to stretch out when I’m hot or curl up when I’m cold. Sleeping only needs my own body heat for us to keep me warm. Cover my outdoor room with a cool water-filled bed in the summer and a cedar-filled waterproof dog bed in the winter. I’m getting so excited. I know you love me.

I don’t ask my owner for much except food, water, shelter and LOVE. Love me as I love you. Hydee

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