Magical blessings: the hidden meaning of mistletoe

There are many symbols that permeate the Christmas season, and yet, as with many things, we have become disconnected from the inherent meaning of the hidden blessings within. This has been a year of reconnection, as we step forward to embrace the stability of who we are in a world of fluctuating instability. Layer after layer, the framework we were used to living in has been crumbling and unraveling, as we search deeper to discover the true foundation beneath the rubble. It is from this place that we can rebuild anew with authenticity and lasting value.

The mistletoe symbolizes this type of symbolism from the Tarot of the Tower card, and reveals to us what is under the window of the glass house when it is broken, in the mysterious way that the Druids believed it was brought to Earth and conceived where lightning struck trees. Thriving in the trees rather than rooted in the Earth, these carriers of peace, fertility, blessings and immortality are also believed to represent both divine and disorderly confusion and chaos.

Its ancient pagan religious significance was forgotten, but many of its other meanings and customs have remained with us, including the kiss under the mistletoe, which is a token of goodwill and friendship, and an omen of happiness, good luck, and a new meaning. religious. . While a romantic symbol, this parasitic plant also contains lunar, feminine, and fertility energy. (Diana, also known as Artemis, wore a mistletoe crown as an emblem of fertility and immortality.)

Mistletoe was a sacred plant in the pagan religion of the Druids in Great Britain. They believed that it had all kinds of miraculous qualities and therefore called it “Total Healing”. Since it grew on the sacred oaks they worshiped, the Druids believed that mistletoe was of divine origin and shared the strength of the oak. After the winter solstice, they received communion in a great ceremony and sacred ritual offering of fertility to their gods, which consisted of collecting the plant, cutting it with a golden sickle and placing it on a white cloth to avoid contamination by contact with iron or iron. land.

The Germans shared the sentiment of the Druids, calling this plant Gut Hyl or “total cure”. Despite its toxicity, it was used as a universal remedy, fertility drug, used for protection, and thought to provide strengthening effects. It had very powerful meanings to many ancients, including the beautiful belief that if enemies were accidentally found under the wild mistletoe in the woods, they would lay down their weapons, embrace each other, and enjoy a day of truce. Maybe we should string mistletoe across the Earth?

Although it had pagan associations, which often removed mistletoe from Christian holidays, it has remained a popular Christmas symbol of love and eternal life and was used as a symbol of Christ, the Divine Healer of the nations. It is called Hierba de la Cruz and Lignum Sanctae Crucis or “Wood of the Holy Cross” because it was believed that the wood for the cross of Christ came from his tree. This is why she was condemned to the life of a parasitic vine for her participation in the Crucifixion, just as the symbolic serpent was condemned to crawl on her belly for her participation in the fall of man. It’s interesting how what once had great meaning can be changed with a simple change of perspective. Does that mean that the symbolism and healing powers of those things have really changed, or has the meaning been transformed to move us away from remembering the qualities inherent in everything around us awaiting our transformative reconnection?

With the arrival of the New Year, the mistletoe reminds us of what lies beneath the illusion once lightning strikes, as it becomes the legendary Golden Bough whose withered yellow leaves were believed to aid its owner in his search for a buried treasure. Legends such as the Virgil story tell of Aeneas (leader of the Trojan refugees) carrying this golden branch to the underworld while seeking news of his future from his deceased father. Other legends share that the Golden Branch brought freedom to any slave who touched it.

We have the ability to live in true freedom and discover many buried treasures as the walls collapse. What is revealed to us then are magical blessings that are impossible to keep hidden once we embrace the truth within our hearts.

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