Mitsubishi finally stays in Europe with Renault under the hood

Renault and Mitsubishi will eventually produce two vehicles for the European market. Discussions are underway with the Belgian distribution network.

For Mitsibushi’s distribution network in Europe, it’s the emotional lift. Mitsubishi announced last July its intention to no longer develop models for the European market and therefore watermarks to leave it.

A strategy that matches the will of the tripartite alliance, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, to better focus on the different areas of activity.

The importer of the brand in Belgium, Beherman, even launched a major marketing campaign last December called “Bye Bye Mitsubishi“with reductions of 30%.” We are leaving, but we will never disappear, “then communicated Beherman Motors.

They didn’t think so well put it. Mitsubishi will stay in Europe, but with Renault under the hood. Two vehicles will thus be produced from 2023 in Europe “in the factories of the Renault group, based on the same platforms, but with differentiations”, details Renault on Wednesday. For the new CEO of the group, Luca de Meo is the opportunity to keep factories running and amortize development costs.

The range of Mitsubishi for Europe will therefore consist of these two revisited Renault and the Eclipse Cross PHEV (plug-in hybrid), a specialty of the Japanese brand.

“Thanks to this agreement, we will be able to offer new products developed and manufactured in Europe, alongside the after-sales activity of Mitsubishi Motors.”

Takao kato

CEO of Mitsubishi Motors

“Mitsubishi Motors has implemented structural reforms in Europe and the decision to freeze the development of new models for the European market, announced in July 2020 in our medium-term plan, remains valid. Thanks to this agreement, we will be able to propose new products developed and manufactured in Europe – alongside the aftermarket business of Mitsubishi Motors, “said Takao Kato, CEO of Mitsubishi Motors.

In Belgium, Beherman Motors reassured in December that the 5-year warranty remained valid for Mitsubishi models and that the spare parts and services are guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years.

Real estate focus for Beherman

Historical importer of cars in Belgium, the Beherman group has reduced the scope of this activity and is now focusing first on real estate through his company Park Ragheno, even if the group says it is open to opportunities.

The group was particularly shaken by the bankruptcy of the Swedish Saab, which had forced it to reposition itself on the Belgian market with a smaller network and the signing of the import contract with Mitsubishi. Beherman’s distribution network of around 40 points of sale has halved.

Today, Saab aftermarket is no longer solely in the hands of Beherman, even if the company is still making Chaussée de Louvain in Brussels.

Discussions with the network

Discussions are ongoing with the Beherman network to see what the Alliance’s announcements of the day mean for Mitsubishi’s distribution business in Belgium. At Beherman, we are satisfied with a “no comment”.

Beherman Motors retains the distribution of the light truck brand FUSO (Daimler) as well as its Automotive Systems business which provides turnkey IT solutions for car dealerships. Some distribution networks work with Automotive Systems, but also some independent dealers. A business that is going well, in which Beherman continues to invest and which employs about fifteen engineers.

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