Pekingese: a naturally aggressive puppy

There are many words that can be used to describe the personality of a Pekingese, but some of the most commonly heard words are aggressive, stubborn, and stubborn. A Pekingese can be a very jealous and possessive little dog; Jealousy often manifests itself in displays of aggression. The dog may be aggressive towards other dogs or people who come to visit her home.

Most dogs will adapt easily and enjoy socializing with other dogs, the same cannot be said for the Pekingese, and the dog is a tough nut to crack. The Pekingese breed can, at some point, become tolerant of other dogs in the household; however, it is usually only displayed towards littermates or a dog that has been around for a long period of time. If a Pekingese gets along with another dog, it is not something that happens quickly or easily.

A Pekingese can be very non-threatening to people due to their small size, however the breed is aware of this fact and will act up and display a large ego in response. This is a dog that demands respect from the owner and will do whatever it takes to earn respect. The dog is extremely jealous and prone to aggression towards any threatening party. The Pekingese prefers to bond with only one person and easily chooses the object of his affection, in fact, the dog decides from the beginning who he likes and who he doesn’t. The dog is extremely loyal to its owner and may bite or growl if another person tries to discipline it.

The Pekingese is a true lapdog and loves to be with its owners. The dog does not like to be told “no” and he does not usually do something that he is told to do. Many owners have found that their Pekingese growls at them if they try to force them to do something against their will.

The breed is very loyal to the owner and protector of their home, which makes them ideal for home protection; however, the dogs tend to be overly aggressive as guard dogs. The dog seems to have an inferiority complex and will easily stand his ground and fight to be noticed and get attention.

Many breeders refuse to sell Pekingese to people who have small children in the home due to the dog’s unpredictable tendencies. In some cases, if a child is not taught properly, many of them think of a Pekingese as a toy or a doll and will not handle it gently. In some cases, a Pekingese is simply not well suited to a home with young children.

Anyone thinking of buying a Pekingese for a family pet should enroll the dog in some basic obedience classes. The dog will make a great pet, but it must be disciplined firmly and shown what is acceptable behavior. Unlike other dog breeds, a Pekingese will not work to please people unless it is in their best interest. Many Pekingese owners find their independent nature to be one of the breed’s most endearing qualities.

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