Philippine Civil Wedding: How Much Does It Cost to Tie the Knot?

When my husband and I get married and go for a civil wedding, it’s not about money, but about meeting halfway, it’s a totally different and long story. However, in most cases, when a couple decides to go to a civil wedding, it has something to do with the budget. That said, how much does a quick and easy civil wedding cost?

Dear judge, here are our witnesses, marry us now and do it fast!

This is where you and your future spouse go to court or the mayor’s office along with some witnesses (at least two of your closest friends who are of legal age or your parents / guardians if both are under 18 years old) and say: “Yes I want”. Plain and simple. If you fall into this category, a budget of 5,000 PHP – 7,000 PHP should already be enough to get you married. That is taken for granted that you only have two or four witnesses. Here is a list of what your PHP5,000 – PHP7,000 can cover:

  1. Marriage license application fee – When we got our marriage license in 2011, we only spent around PHP200 – PHP250 max that I remember. Be sure to check the rates on the city’s official website as they can vary by city. Assigning PHP500 for this step is the safe way to do it.
  2. Ex officio officer fee – This could range from PHP500 to PHP2500 maximum, depending on who will solemnize your union. You can choose between a mayor, a judge, or a registered solemnity officer. Your rates may vary due to various factors, such as the date you have chosen for your wedding. Some judges and mayors do not normally officiate civil weddings on weekends.
  3. Closet – Ladies can always go for those white / light pink / peach dresses, the kind you wear to a Sunday mass, just a little prettier. While the gentlemen can opt for the elegant casual attractiveness.
  4. Lunch, dinner, whatever! – Simply put, they should treat themselves to some food after the event. Wherever you want to eat, you can definitely already know how much budget is needed for four or seven people, right?
  5. Media coverage – This part is totally optional but definitely worth it! I mean, what better way to remember your wedding day than by looking at your photos and videos? Today, you will find freelance videographers and photographers who would cover events like debuts, anniversaries, and weddings for free just to build your portfolios. In fact, if you have friends who love to take great photos and can do decent video coverage with clever editing, then you wouldn’t have to spend a single penny on this one, anyone who can do this for free. There are still many providers who can offer you their services for such a reasonable price. Some may even customize their service to fit your budget (wink). Again, this is totally optional.

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