Prepare your property for rent

First impressions, as they say, are everything. When getting your property boat shape for prospective renters to see, there are areas that need to be addressed before you even think about putting it on the market.

The main things
Of course, it is your responsibility to ensure that the building is of a safe standard and that the electricity, heating, and plumbing are fully repaired and working. Take into account the age of the heating or plumbing; If the system is old, it may be advisable to renew it before renting it, thus reducing calls and breakdowns.

Be sure to install lots of smoke and carbon dioxide alarms.

There’s a reason so many rental properties have tile or laminate floors. They are easy to keep clean and less prone to damage. Even if you have carpeted floors upstairs, it’s worth considering swapping them in high-traffic areas, like the hallway and living room, for something a little more sturdy.

If your floors are carpeted, have them professionally cleaned.

The simplest decoration is to have the walls finished with plaster and decorate with a coat or two of neutral paint (magnolia anyone?). These are easy to renew should it be necessary between leases.

home appliances
Even if you rent the property unfurnished, you may need to provide a washing machine and dishwasher. If it is furnished, you will need to supply a refrigerator, freezer, and probably a tumble dryer as well. There are so many on the market now that it can be difficult to know which one to buy, but there are a good variety of inexpensive options available at most stores.

Depending on how you are renting, furniture may or may not be an option. If the place is furnished, be sure not to leave anything of high monetary or sentimental value. Think simple and neutral, and don’t buy cream sofas! IKEA tends to be a huge favorite with homeowners!

Keep it simple
The best thing about a rental property is keeping the colors neutral and clean. The last thing a prospective tenant wants is to enter a property with bright red walls or an orange roof! Although your tenant will not own the property, it will still be your home. And they will like to think that they can make their own stamp on it. Neutral and clean colors ensure this is possible.

External appeal
Don’t forget the exterior. If necessary, touch up the paint and arrange the garden, both behind and in front. Give the windows a clean as it all adds to the first impression.

Doing all of this will ensure that your property has the best possible chance that a tenant will want to live here. Renting a home is quite similar to selling – you want the first impression to have the wow factor, and having everything prepared before you put it on the market will help you achieve that.

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