Real Celebrity GPS Voices: How to Make Your Garmin GPS the Star of the Road

The European GPS manufacturer TomTom is known for allowing its users to personalize their device’s voice with famous celebrities, but one might be surprised by the number of celebrity voice options available to users of GPS devices from Garmin, the main rival of TomTom. Here are five downloadable Garmin celebrity voices that will make any trip more enjoyable.

Mr. T – As one of the most popular TomTom voices of all time, it was only a matter of time until Mr. T brought his brand of jibber jabber to Garmin users. Only a fool would consider going on a journey without this tough talking co-pilot inside his Garmin.

KITT (Knight Rider) – Knight Rider was an international television sensation from the moment it debuted in 1982, and according to a recent poll in the UK, its talking car star Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT) is still the most popular TV car. of all times. There are many poor imitations of this GPS voice available on the internet, but there is only one website that offers the officially licensed version of KITT that features the voice of original TV series actor William Daniels and addresses drivers by your name, so make sure you get the real thing, it’s worth it.

David hasselhoff – Not to be outdone by his TV co-star KITT, The Hoff also has his own GPS voice. After all, you can’t fully embrace your inner 80s geek without the full Knight Rider package.

Would give (MTV) – Daria Morgendorffer is the star of the hit MTV animated series Daria, which originally aired between 1997 and 2002. Known for her sharp wit and relentless sarcasm, Daria has a personality consistent with what you might expect her to emanate. of a standard GPS voice if you were allowed to speak your mind. If your style is dry and sarcastic, this is the navigation voice for you.

Flavor Flavor – This hip hop icon turned reality TV superstar has always spoken freely, and the voice of GPS Flavor Flav is no exception. This multimedia entrepreneur will take your breath away as drivers and passengers listen to his colorful and explicit step-by-step driving instructions. Yes, boyee.

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