Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts (and More!)

Appliances = Silly

Stuffed Animals = Children

Card, Flowers, Chocolate = Predictable

Romantic Dinner = Devotee

Poem or Personalized Love Letter = Passionate

Lingerie = counterproductive

He is a fool who gives a household appliance to his lover on Valentine’s Day. The only thing worse would be not recognizing the day at all. It doesn’t matter if he asks for a new blender; you don’t buy it for her on Valentine’s Day. There are another 361 good days to give you a new blender. [P.S. 361 days is not a typo, you don’t give appliances on her birthday, anniversary, Christmas or Valentine’s Day.] The fact that a sweeper is not technically an appliance falls into this category along with anything else that makes it work.

If you think that because you waited until the last minute to think about her gift, you can grab a stuffed animal with a heart or “I love you” written on it, you are being very childish. Unless you’re 13, don’t even bother messing around. She treats her like the woman she is; make Valentine’s Day quixotic.

To be like all other men, give him a store-bought card, a dozen red roses, and a box of heart-shaped chocolates that taste like wax. Very predictable and without much thought involved. This is the “responsible” gift. You know you have to give something that day or you will be in trouble, so go with the flow and do what everyone else does.

You are truly devoted if you plan a romantic dinner for her. If you’re going out for a romantic dinner, why not have a soiree? Go dancing, drive or park; These are all fun things to do on Valentine’s Day. Have fun together, it will make you both happy.

It’s all about you. Whoever takes the time to write a love letter or a poem is greatly rewarded. With the little effort it takes to write it, you get big points. She will remember this gift for a long, long time. Tip: A pretty paper or red marker pen with a red or pink envelope, marked SWAK (sealed with a kiss) on the outside will impress. Mail it to work or home so it arrives the day before Valentine’s Day.

Some women like lingerie, but I wouldn’t risk it. It could backfire and turn a wonderful evening into a disappointment. She might mistake a gift like this as an invitation to have sex, which in turn might disappoint her because that’s all you think about.

If you want to make an impact this year, give her a combination of the above gifts, such as a love letter with a dozen roses or a card and a romantic dinner. Don’t go with the flow, branch out and do something distinctive this year. Real or silk rose petals are ideal for sprinkling on the table at a romantic dinner. Some chocolate and strawberries from the supermarket and a bottle of wine can be an interesting end to a night or the beginning of a wonderful love story.

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