Semperit 2020 with record profits and sales

The listed rubber processor Semperit Holding achieved historic records in sales and earnings in 2020 after a loss in 2019. The bottom line was a net profit of EUR 194.6 million, after a previous loss of EUR 44.9 million. Operationally, EBITDA tripled from EUR 67.8 million to EUR 208.6 million, while EBIT turned from negative EUR 16.5 million to EUR 237.8 million. For the operating result (EBIT), the Management Board had recently aimed for 230 to 255 million euros.

In the difficult Corona year, Semperit benefited from a “special boom” in medical protective gloves. This has strengthened the company’s back and led to an exceptionally high level of overall profitability, said CEO Martin Füllenbach on Thursday. As a result, sales in the medical sector increased by 53.1 percent to EUR 449.2 million, while in the industrial sector they fell by 12.6 percent to EUR 478.4 million. Overall, group sales grew by 10.4 percent to € 927.6 million.

In view of the good sales in the medical sector, the board of directors confirmed on Wednesday that there is currently no reason to implement the resolved and still planned separation from the medical business – it was already announced in September that this division would be kept longer thanks to the good business in the pandemic . The temporary goal is to benefit as long and as comprehensively as possible from the attractive earnings contributions from the medical business, it was said today. We are very confident that the positive effects of the pandemic in the medical business will continue in 2021.

Because of the good figures from the previous year, Semperit plans to distribute EUR 1.50 per share for 2020 after three years without dividends, this has been known since mid-February. The core shareholder of Semperit is B&C Holding, which also holds the majority in AMAG and Lenzing. Almost 46 percent are in free float.

In 2021, the Group’s EBITDA is expected to be around EUR 395 million for the year as a whole, which is significantly higher than in the previous year. This forecast is particularly dependent on the timely availability of the necessary raw materials and their price development, the sales prices for medical protective gloves over the course of the year and sufficient container availability for the delivery of the group’s products, it is emphasized. A noticeable market recovery is expected in the industrial sector.

The Semperit workforce in 2020 was 6,943, slightly above the previous year (6,902).

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