Stop buying World of Warcraft gold!

So you want to make money in World of Warcraft, huh?

Well, it is easier than you think as long as you have the technical knowledge. I remember my first character, who was a rogue on the Whisperwind server. I ran as fast as I could to level 40 in order to get a mount, but a big problem arose in front of me. He didn’t even have the amount of gold he needed to get that damn mount. How the hell was I supposed to afford this?

It all starts with the professions. Simple as this. Be a collector. skinning / mining or herbalism, enchantment. Gather the materials that people need. Even a newbie could take advantage of this. Let me give an example.

I created a human paladin and started at Northshire Abbey. I run to Stormwind first after I have earned a silver or two and learned the professions of skinning and mining. The missions in the Elwynn Forest require me to visit some mines, so I keep the “Find Minerals” skill activated and hunt down all the wolves in the area (by the way, there is a ton in this area, so skinning shouldn’t be a big problem). While I am searching through the mines (especially Jasperlode and there is one more in this area), I am gaining experience while collecting materials to sell in the AH.

With this strategy of farming light leather and copper ore, he had 40 gold available at level 17. Easy.

Once I gained a few levels, the options for the zones to level in were a bit scattered, so I chose some guides to help me. (Hi, everyone needs a little help from time to time).

Right now I have a Rogue with Krol Blade (500-700 gold on my server) and Assanitantion Blade (70-150 gold) Also, I also have money for my Epic mount. So yes, there are many ways to make gold in World of Warcraft, you just have to try new things until you find the one that works for you. I’ve given you my thoughts and resources, so seek your fortune in WoW.

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