Technology is hurting millennials

One of the main traits that makes us human is our ability to communicate. Whenever we live a healthy community life, we engage in face-to-face conversations, we care for and respect others, and we pay attention to important principles of etiquette that then help us to live together without getting involved in too many discords. I am not aware of any critical mass of individuals living in a society at any point in history that has survived the times living in complete isolation from its immediate community, its values ​​and communication practices. Most importantly, the ability to learn from your own mistakes over time. The smartphone has hampered the millennial generation in this regard.

The smartphone has hurt millennials. You heard it right. You might be asking … why do you say that professor? Let me explain why by giving you a real life example that has changed the way I interact with humans of the opposite sex.

When I was a kid, I had a hard time talking to girls face to face. He was so shy and literally afraid to talk to a girl one on one … He had a terrible fear of rejection back then. Although these feelings are not totally foreign to young children, I know today that my levels of shyness (and therefore my inability to speak to a person of the opposite sex) back then were probably higher than those of most children. shy of my generation.

Like most teenage boys, he was unprepared for interpersonal communication with a woman. I still remember this beautiful girl named Peggy that I really loved. She was beautiful, nice, and fortunately … she seemed to like it. The fact that we never ended up dating has nothing to do with his interpersonal ability. It had everything to do with mine. I couldn’t start a meaningful conversation with her to get a chance to ask her out. My total loss … and I knew it. However, my inability to break the ice and have an honest conversation with a girl made me stop and wonder why I was not succeeding in my love efforts. I spent time thinking about this question and then BINGO! Over time, I have learned what girls like about my fights. “They like to talk”, for the most part. I thought … Well, if girls like to talk, then I have to be a good listener. The rest of my friends is history.

Look, I didn’t need to have a smartphone to feel better or learn to talk to a girl. My humanity helped me enjoy my late teens and early teens by simply stopping and thinking about the obvious. For most of my teens (up to 16 years old), I had trouble talking to girls. Some might consider the former a “bad” life experience. Well, today I see these previous struggles differently. I thank God for how things ended up in my life in that sense and for having the ability to face the problem and find a possible solution as a man.

When I was 16, there were no smartphones. My parents had cell phones back then, which was unusual for Brazilians in the 90s, but they weren’t smart. I didn’t get a chance to go online to feel better about my inability to talk to a girl. Because I had no technology, I had to face the problem and develop two very important life skills: critical thinking and listening.

Today’s children are disabled due to technology. Too many millennials face a problem with a girl and instead of facing the problem head-on to find a solution … They often go to their smartphones and text! Can’t you talk to a girl tonight? Go to a smartphone, watch a video with girls and feel better. Can’t find a date to go to prom … Go to smartphone, chat with girls on Tumbler and move on … Don’t have any friends? Go to the smartphone and log into Facebook and chat! The problem is, texting won’t teach a boy to talk to a girl like a man. Avoiding (or inability) to talk to a real girl cannot be replaced by watching a video about girls. Not having a prom date can’t be replaced by chatting with strangers on Tumbler …

What if I told you that if a person faces a problem in life and decides to ignore the problem and move sideways, they will eventually walk in a circle and be commanded for life? With or without technology. All of this technology that is supposed to improve our lives is having a tremendously negative impact on the lives of millions of teens and young adults today. In fact, you are hindering them by discouraging them from facing real-life problems for the sake of technology.

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