Ten ways to enjoy what Bolivia has to offer

Bolivia is one of the countries of South America. This landlocked country, surrounded by Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile (famous vacation spots), has come to know its own share of tourists and vacationers who want to experience what Bolivia has to offer. Because of this, tourism has become one of the main sources of income for the country, and for ways to enjoy this country, here are ten things you must do once in Bolivia.

1.) Wine and dinner.

Of course, you will not go to a country and you will not try its native foods. Once you are in Bolivia, don’t forget to try their empanada salteña, lomo montado and spicy chicken. These are just some of the native dishes that Bolivia is proud to offer.

2.) Take notes of your stay.

Because this is such a beautiful country to visit, don’t forget to take pictures. There are so many vacation spots you can visit, each offering the perfect view to take pictures of. So don’t forget your trusty camera.

3.) Go on tour.

As in any other country famous for its vacation spots, there are many places to visit and see in this country. The most famous places that these tours go to are La Paz and Lake Titicaca. You should also take a tour of Sucre and Potosí.

4.) Participate in Bolivian activities.

This is a great way to immerse yourself in Bolivian nature and also enjoy its impressive scenery. The most popular activities are trekking and jungle tours. You can also do mountaineering or skiing.

5.) Get to know the people and their culture.

Visit the shops and stores in Bolivia. Walk through the famous streets of Bolivia and feel what it is like to be a part of its culture. This is a great way to meet new friends in Bolivia and also a fun way to get to know their daily life.

6.) Go shopping.

You can always buy your souvenirs in Bolivia’s gift shops and small stalls. Here you will find many wood carvings that your family will enjoy. You can also buy jewelry that they make and other handicrafts such as their alpaca blankets, which are also good souvenirs.

7.) Learn about the fiestas in Bolivia.

There is nothing better than going to Bolivia when there is a festival. One of the famous festivals in Bolivia is the Festival of the Great Power, which is a religious festival, and where you can also enjoy a street party in La Paz. You can also visit Bolivia during the Alasitas Fair, such a colorful event and so full of people filling the streets to buy miniatures of the things they want.

8.) Visit the town squares.

As you walk through the town squares, you will be able to appreciate the country of Bolivia more. These plazas are full of street fairs that sell a large number of indigenous products such as ponchos and charangos. This is a great way to get to know the locals and their culture.

9.) Visit museums.

Of course, Bolivia has its own museums that display much of its heritage and culture. By visiting museums, you will learn about Bolivia’s rich history and gain a greater appreciation for its rich culture. Some famous museums are the National Museum of Archeology and the National Museum of Art.

10.) Relax and enjoy your stay.

There are so many beautiful hotels in Bolivia, and you can easily search for them online and also book your stay online. If you get tired of visiting all the places that Bolivia has to offer, sit back and relax. Imagine eating great Bolivian cuisine on your balcony and taking in the glorious view of Bolivia below?

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