The 10 best luxury hotels in the world

–The Sydney Blue Hotel (Sydney, Australia)

This modern gem was built in 2005 near the beautiful beaches of Sydney’s ultra-modern Woolloomooloo Bay. It has more than 100 suites that are decorated with today’s best retro-style decorations and soft pastel colors. These welcoming spaces have access to a beautiful “lounge” style reception area, a fitness center, and a supportive atmosphere that is sure to please even the most discerning guest.

–The Hotel Königshof (Munich, Germany).

This family-owned marvel features over 70 rooms that are decorated with luxurious leather interiors and beautiful 19th-century German antique furniture. Travelers will enjoy this hotel’s proximity to the Marienplatz town square and the attentive staff’s attention to detail.

–The Hotel Sacher (Salzburg, Austria)

This family-run gem is located near the Hohensalzburg Fortress, which is located close to Salzburg’s city center. It includes more than 75 rooms that include a wide screen television with digital satellite television service, as well as beautiful furnishings that reflect the local tastes of the area. In addition, shoppers will enjoy the hotel’s proximity to Salzburg’s shopping destinations.

–The Grand Hotel Wien (Vienna, Austria)

This 175 room beauty has it all! It is located near the famous Vienna Opera House. It has beautiful 19th century style furniture and a beautiful view of St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Also, tourists will enjoy eating in Wien’s French restaurants.

–The Chatwal (New York, USA)

This “Baby Grand” style hotel is located near Broadway. It has beautifully decorated rooms with Art Deco style decorations. It also boasts sumptuous beds, tremendous in-house dining, and the latest digital technology. Theatergoers will also enjoy the hotel’s proximity to New York’s Theater District.

–The Hotel Hassler (Rome, Italy). This beautiful 19th century hotel is close to the Pantheon and the Villa Borghese park. It features oversized rooms, stunning 19th century Italian furniture, and a beautiful dining room that has to be seen to be believed.

–The Langham Hotel (Hong Kong)

This elegant hotel is located near the dynamic district of Kowloon. It includes more than 450 luxuriously appointed rooms that use silks and gold leaf to create a truly memorable living environment. Diners will also enjoy working with an attentive staff that is eager to please.

–The Ritz Hotel (Paris, France)

This Cesar Ritz classic combines incredible guest service, unbelievably good food, and sumptuous surroundings that have stood the test of time. In addition, it presents decorations in the style of the 18th century; Michelin star restaurants and a beautiful Olympic size pool.

–The Hotel de Crillón (Paris)

This beautifully decorated hotel is located close to Le Place de la Concorde. As a result, art lovers will especially enjoy the private setting of this hotel. These surroundings include a peaceful garden, spacious rooms and a charming dining room serving the best French cuisine in all of Paris.

–The Rey Juan Carlos I Hotel (Barcelona, ​​Spain)

This Spanish jewel is located near the main street of Barcelona. It includes a beautiful outdoor garden, huge 19th century style villas, spacious living rooms and comfortable bathrooms.

Additionally, foodie patrons will enjoy eating at one of the three restaurants serving modern Spanish cuisine with flair. As you can see, there are many luxury hotels around the world that strive to create an unforgettable experience for travelers. That’s why it’s so much fun to explore these hotels. Have fun exploring these hotels as you travel the world!

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