The four types of modern hippie

The popular hippie counterculture that began in the 1960s was so popular that until now, the concept and culture still manages to live on. However, the years have also changed the counterculture a lot. Despite the attempts of true hippies to carry on and retain the genuine hippie spirit as they transition from ancient hippies to modern hippies, modern times still brought about various changes. Now the modern hippie has four sides.

The first type of what is called “modern hippie” is the true blue hippie, a true child of the 1960s counterculture. They are the real image of a full-fledged hippie, living the original hippie values ​​inside and out. outside. Now they are called New Hippies or Neo-Hippies. Like the hippies of the past, they are still politically informed and educated. They also defend the same causes in a spirit of peace, love and freedom. They keep up with current political and environmental trends. They protested over issues that contradict their hippie values ​​in the same way that hippies of the past protested. As true hippies, they also live with the good and bad aspects of being hippies. They protest against form and violence while promoting peace. On the other hand, they also like to participate in unusual activities, wear strange clothes and accessories, and experiment with drugs in their defense of liberal rights. They really are hippies to the core.

The second type of modern hippie is a somewhat understated version. Its hippie side is reflected more in its environmentally friendly and tree-hugging advocates than in its political and social idealisms. They are mostly vegetarian and tend to live life in the blink of an eye and simply focus on their love for the environment and clean and healthy things. They are lighter and brighter hippies. They are sometimes called kids granola. A “granola child”, according to the urban dictionary, is one who “enjoys tie-dye, granola and peace.”

The third type of modern hippie, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of a granola kid. They are the angry hippies. They are more futuristic and like to show their hippie values ​​in exaggerated and enhanced ways. They are called the “techno hippies”. They are more modern and avant-garde than Neo-Hippies. They take the hippie character to the next level. They wear tattoos, body piercings and strange hairstyles like the famous dreadlocks. They also display their opinions through rave parties where they mainly consume large amounts of drugs and alcohol. They also bring their advocates to the internet and are in tune with the latest gaming technologies. They are, in a way, rebellious hippies.

Finally, the fourth type of modern hippie is no longer really made up of hippies, as many people claim. They are hippies without a cause. Cynics like to call them “rippies”, because they are simply ripping off the hippie lifestyle, for lack of an original generational style and culture to live in. There are many terms closely associated with them. One of these terms is “junkers”, which refers to a modern hippie who smokes and takes a lot of drugs. Somehow, they give the idea that they are simply using hippie culture as an excuse to use drugs generously. Accused of wearing designer and trendy versions of distinctive hippie clothing, such as tie-dye, vests, and sandals, they are also often referred to as the hippies who have lost their political activism.

These four types of modern hippies can be completely different. But one thing remains the same: the style of clothing. Any breed of hippie still wears sandals and tie dyes. Now that’s a fashion culture that doesn’t just die.

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