The right outfit of denim and diamonds makes the party authentic

Denim and diamond party themes have become a popular party theme for house parties as well as charity fundraisers. If you’ve been invited to one of these fun events, but aren’t sure what to wear to a denim and diamonds affair, you’re not alone. One of the most frequently asked questions is what are some examples of appropriate denim and diamond outfits? The answer is that there is no right or wrong selection of denim and diamond outfits, but this article will give you some creative ideas and guidance on what to wear.

A denim and diamonds party is a classy yet casual event for guests. Whether it’s a birthday or holiday party at home or a big fundraiser for your favorite charity, attraction options can span a wide range of acceptable options. At these popular events, dining options and entertainment are upscale, while the dress code for guests is more casual with a touch of class.

Below are some examples of fun and easy clothing ideas. Remember that there is no right or wrong thing to wear. Keep your casual denim and diamond outfit with a touch of bling and you’ll be in style. Note: Diamond accents are primarily applied to women’s clothing; gentlemen will need accessories to add a bit of sparkle.

For the ladies, think denim and glitter with these suggested items:

  • A denim jacket accented with crystals or rhinestones.
  • Blue jeans with rhinestone details on the pockets or around the bottom
  • Belts or scarves with crystal details.
  • Pair a blue or silver sequin shell under a denim jacket
  • A t-shirt with a denim look or a shell with rhinestone details under a casual blazer
  • Denim skirts with crystal or diamond details.
  • Cowboy boots, simple or elegant.
  • Accent items like: western jewelry, scarves, or glittery vests.

For the gentlemen, here are some popular and easy suggestions to attract with denim and diamonds:

  • Western-style dress shirt with pearl studs or other decorative accents.
  • blue jeans
  • cowboy boots
  • Cowboy hat with decorative details.
  • Denim jacket – plain
  • A decorative bolo tie or dazzling cufflinks.

The Denim and Diamonds attraction can be found locally or online, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. That’s the point of a denim and diamonds party: everyone can participate. A few carefully selected pieces go a long way. Whether it’s a beautiful sequined top or a simple glittery belt, each guest can design her own look.

If you think your guests will need some help to spice up their outfit so they look their best, think about simple gifts you can give guests upon arrival to get them in on the act. Simple scarves or plain white t-shirts, accented with a Bedazzler-type tool to add a bit of sparkle is a great idea. Self-adhesive or iron-on appliques commonly found in big box craft stores can be a super easy and inexpensive addition to a scarf or bandana that can be handed out to your guests as a favor upon arrival. Other party favors that can be used as dress up details include sparkly cowboy hats, belts, or inexpensive brooches or pins.

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